When curating your bridal look there are a few obvious things to figure out: the hair, the dress and the makeup… But there’s an additional wedding day beauty element that’s crucial but all too easy to forget: the manicure! While we’re all for trying out a trendy color in your daily life, opting for something sweet + simple might be the best plan of action for your big day. If you’re wondering how to start narrowing down the options, we suggest you turn to Essie’s new bridal collection.


The collection includes six new shades that offer up a seriously chic bridal vibe. If you’re looking to match your nails to your dress, try the pale gray-beige cream color “Between the Sheets.” “Mrs. Always Right” is a pastel terracotta pink and the darkest color of the bunch. If you want to shy away from the pinks and purples that are all over this collection, opt for another standout: “Passport to Happiness,” a soft, spring green.


If you want these for your big day, act fast. At $8.50 per bottle, they’re selling out faster than the tequila at a reception’s open bar. ;)

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(Photos via Essie)