Despite our best intentions, it’s just not easy to cut our long, hot showers short. And forget about turning off the water while shampooing. But those lovely luxurious habits of ours aren’t great for the environment. So when we heard of a way to still enjoy our ultimate shower experienceand be good to the world, we thought it was too good to be true. But thankfully Eva, a super smart shower that reduces waste and optimizes your spa moment, is 100% real.


Eva helps you save up to 50% of your water usage thanks to snazzy features like a setting that shuts off water flow before you get in the shower once the desired temperature of the water is reached. And yes, when the water turns back on it’s just the right temperature.

A handy timer lets you know when your showers are getting ridiculously long (so yes, you might want to cut that Beyoncé solo short), and a smart control system adjusts water flow based on your needs. Eva can also work with a multitude of showers, shower heads and user preferences. The nifty app alongside this smart device helps you track your water usage, habits and savings from using Eva.


The best part about Eva? It can pay for itself in a year thanks to all the water you’ll be saving. You can pre-order this amazing piece of tech for your home. It’s only around $100 via their Indiegogo campaign, which we’re pleased to announce has just successfully reached full funding. Check it out for yourself, then get ready to enjoy your luxurious new showers, guilt-free.

What do you think of this smart shower technology? Would you install it in your home? Tell us in the comments below!