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We can stick to the keto diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (especially when bacon and cheese are involved), but the low-to-no sugar rule is where we lose our will to succeed. If you’ve ever been a cookie-lover on a low-carb meal plan, you know how tough it can be to shop for sugar-free sweets that actually taste good — and since most keto dessert recipes call for xylitol and other specialty ingredients, making them at home isn’t much easier. As if Fat Snax heard us complaining to the ceiling, the brand’s Keto Cookies ($18 per dozen) just hit Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide. Light, cake-like, and conveniently packaged in pairs, these low-carb cookies may make you cry happy tears.

Instead of high-carb wheat flour and sugar, the main ingredients are almond flour and/or coconut flour, eggs, butter, and sugar-free sweeteners like erythritol and stevia. Each cookie has between 90 to 110 calories, one to two net carbs, and eight to nine grams of fat, so keto dieters can enjoy dessert without sacrificing their entire daily carb count.

Now for the flavors: The strongest is lemony lemon, which has a just-right balance of tart lemon zest and mellow butter. Nostalgic chocolate chip, made with a sweet, vanilla-laced dough and tiny bits of sugar-free chocolate, is a close second. Both are soft and cake-like, and though they come in packs of two, they’re satisfying enough that you won’t necessarily feel tempted to devour both. Peanut butter flavor isn’t our top pick, mostly because it crumbles apart easily when picked up and has a stevia aftertaste.

Replicating dense, crispy-chewy cookies without wheat flour or sugar is no easy feat. Fat Snax founder Jeffrey Frese told us in an email, “I spent countless hours in my kitchen at home experimenting with ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, and grass-fed butter. When my 8-year-old daughter started devouring them, I knew I had landed on something special.” While Fat Snax’s delicate, soft-baked cookies might not convert every Tollhouse fan, they’re an impressively tasty sugar-free dessert, and they make the keto diet much more doable for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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(Photos via Fat Snax)