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A sleek metal barrette. Who would have thought such a simple, inexpensive, accessible hair accessory would be making a red carpet appearance? When we peeped Emma Stone wearing one at this year’s Golden Globes (it’s cinched to the back of her wavy lob) we knew the accessory that was already transforming our office hairdos had officially made it big. No matter what your hair length or texture, this minimalist barrette is a must-try this season, instantly refining your tresses with next to no effort in the styling department. Below, learn how to incorporate the chic clip ($14) into three wear-anywhere hairstyles that only take five minutes to do.

Prep: Side Part


Cecelia, our Head of Marketing, is prepped with a dramatic side part and side-swept bangs for all three of these looks. For the first and third hairstyles, any hair texture — straight, wavy or curly — will work. For the second hairstyle, we’re going for more of a sleek finish, so bust out your flatiron.

Look 1: Emma’s Down-Do

Obviously we had to recreate this stunning hairstyle.


Step 1: Set Waves

Use a 1.5 to 2-in barreled curling iron to place waves throughout your hair. It is best to use a heat setting spray like Kenra Platinum Hot Spray ($20) on each strand of hair prior to curling. This will help protect your hair as well as help your curls last longer.

Step 2: Tease

Back comb the back portion of your hair you’re going to clip to add subtle volume and help the clip stay in place.

Step 3: Clip It

Add the barrette. Pick up a section of hair that’s the same width of hair as the clip, then snap that baby in place.


Award show looks rarely translate so well off the carpet, but this one is does perfectly.

Look 2: Low Asymmetrical Ponytail

This sleek look has an updo-ish kind of vibe that feels very of-the-moment.


Step 1: Pull to Side

Once your hair is flat-ironed straight, bring your hair in the same direction as your bangs or front hair is swept and pull behind your ear, grabbing those short baby hairs along the way.

Step 2: Twist

Twist all of your hair away from your face while keeping the low pony directly behind your ear and plush to your neck.

Step 3: Clip It + Fan Out

Place the barrette at an angle and clip it in. If your hair is too thick to be held just with the clip, go ahead and use some bobby pins for additional security. Finally fan out the pony for a more modern, minimalist look.


It’s a match made in heaven with your LBD!

Look 3: Twisted Bun

The idea here is to give the illusion that the clip is holding all of your hair perfectly in place all on its own — though we’ll bring in back up.


Step 1: Tease

Back comb your entire head of hair from roots to end. Remember, this is most effective if you take very thin sections of hair to tease, otherwise you end up with your hair in knots! This will add lots of volume and texture and really sell this look.

Step 2: Twist + Pin

Twist up all of your hair in sections to create a tousled twisted bun and pin discretely with a bobby pins.

Step 3: Clip It

Place the clip in any position that you wish. Depending on how you twist up your hair, this will vary for each look.


This is how you get office-ready in five minutes.

What other hair accessories are you feeling right now? Send links in the comments below!