These fantastic flower finds are so good, they’ll make you want to throw a (garden) party! And you totally should… while you’re dressed head-to-toe in full bloom. Whether you’re adorning your table in florals, playing with paper petals or planting real blossoms, we’ve got the most beautiful botanical pieces for your living space to give you the secret garden you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Reversible Floral Print Pillow ($36): Purchasing something that’s reversible almost feels like you’re getting away with stealing. You’re getting two absolutely stunning pillows for the price of one… who could argue with that?

2. Floral Transfer Knob ($7 for 2): Ever heard the saying “it’s all in the details”? These ceramic knobs from Zara prove that you don’t need to remodel your kitchen cabinets to cutesy-up your cooking space. Changing up the knobs can make all the difference. We promise.

3. Jardin des Plantes Journals ($16 for 2): You can never have too many journals. Even if you’re not a writer, it’s always nice to have a place to jot down your thoughts, formulate your grocery or to-do list. And when they’re this charming, you’ll want to use them more and more.

4. Floral Dinner Plate ($24): A plateful of hand-painted pansies will make even the ugliest of foods look appetizing. How perfect are these for an outdoor dinner party?

5. Villa Tablecloth ($138): Tablecloths are the busy woman’s best friend. They hide a mess while dressing up your table and they can be thrown right into the wash after use. Buh-bye, paper towels.

6. Arboretum Mug ($12 each): Even if you’re not sipping tea by the garden, we know you’d fancy a hot beverage in one of these colorful mugs. If these don’t make you want to host a grown-up tea party, we don’t know what will!

7. Floral Coin Bank ($24): Rest assured that your coins will be safe in this floral-covered munchkin. It’s like having a guard dog (err, puppy) in front of your safe.

8. Francophile Dinner Plate ($24): These delightful plates are almost too cute to use. That’s why we’d recommend hanging one (or a few) on the wall to create a visually stunning art gallery.

9. Gustav Floral Chair ($1,872): If you’re looking to make a statement in your space, a chair covered in floral print will do just the trick. Edged in nail heads, this slightly retro seat will be everyone’s favorite piece of furniture.

10. Bouvardia Crewelwork Rug ($78): The simplest solution to transforming your home into a secret garden is adding a colorful floral rug. Imagine how fabulous this rug would look laying beneath a comfy ivory sofa!

11. Floral Handy Craft Kit ($24): Crafty gals, rejoice! Combine your love for DIY projects with your adoration of botanicals with this fun craft kit that includes not one, but three pairs of scissors, two tape measures and a flashlight. Score!

12. Floral Pouf ($927): Freshen up your living room with a bold pouf like this one from Missoni Home. It comfy, it’s cute and it’s bound to make you smile.

13. Flower Garden Tea Towels ($48): Everything pastel is trending right now, and soft colored tea towels are no exception.

14. Forest Critters Shower Curtain ($64): It’s no secret that the shower is the elephant in the (bath)room when you’re thinking about decor. Why not make it the fox in the room instead? A whimsical curtain can make all the difference. Problem: solved.

15. Jardin des Plantes Dinnerware ($14): Why wait ’til the fourth of July? Show your patriotism all year ’round with these artistic red, white and blue flower plates.

16. Floral Candles ($28): Wake up and smell the sunflowers with these botanical soy candles. Not only will they make your nose happy, but you can also plant the packaging to make a garden of your own. Look at you, Miss Eco-Friendly.

17. Elka Mug ($14 each): Cuddle up with a cup of cocoa served in these large, colorful mugs. They’ll put you in a spring mood no matter what Mother Nature says.

18. Palace Floral Tray ($16): Instead of throwing your jewels in a drawer or jewelry box, display them on a petite enamel tray covered in flowers. It’s basically like your baubles reside in a garden of their own.

19. Vintage Floral Lamp ($275): This vintage, glazed lamp and floral shade are an eco-friendly match made in heaven. The mid-century modern base and the crafty modern topper scream good taste together.

20. Madison Bloom Platter ($35): A platter covered in lively red flowers blowing in the fictitious wind will be your go-to piece for indoor and outdoor entertaining. This is another one of those too-good-to-eat-off-of items that would look fab on the wall.

21. Tuileries Quilt ($198): Fresh florals are in full bloom — all over this fantastical screen-printed bed quilt inspired by Nathalie Lété.

22. Climbing Roses Watering Can ($50): This floral watering can will be the new best bud of your flower buds. No garden? No problem! Turn this baby into an indoor planter.

23. Floral Embroidered Napkin ($8 each): Spice up your white linens and dinnerware with flower-covered napkins. They’re ideal for a brunch in the garden or a lovely little dinner party.

24. Filomena Baking Collection ($16 – $36): Decorative kitchen tools will make the baking even more enjoyable. Your muffins are guaranteed to look cute coming out of this tin!

25. Flower Cushion ($128): Watercolored flowers sprawled across a handmade linen cushion will add a unique touch to your couch or bed.

26. Somerset Floral Mug ($18): Your morning coffee’s new companion comes in form of a lovely blue floral mug. Soon you’ll need the mug as much as you need the caffeine!

27. Oil Blossom Notebook ($17): A floral notebook has never looked so chic. This notable writing accessory has pink-tipped pages and two satin ribbons to bookmark the profoundest of thoughts. While it’d make a great gift, you should probably get one for yourself, too.

28. Watercolor Peony Wallpaper ($148): Ready for a floral explosion? Line your walls with this beautifully crisp wallpaper from Anthropologie. If you can’t fully commit, one flower-clad wall will be equally delightful.

29. Tufted Flower Pillow ($498): We’re the first to admit our obsession with awesome throw pillows. But this textural and quirky piece goes above and beyond anything you could want in your square-shaped decor. And those pompoms!

30. Romantic Floral Scarf Duvet Cover ($99): This good-looking duvet cover gives a new meaning to the term bed of flowers. With the matching pillow shams, you’re basically bringing a fairytale to life.

31. Watercolor Floral Towels ($28): Flowers and tea towels go hand-in-hand, and these beautiful linens are almost too nice to dry our hands on. Maybe they will be just for show…

32. Patchwork Pillowcases ($29): Country garden pillowcases add some rustic charm to your bedroom, even if you’re pairing them with white bed sheets.

33. Vintage Bloom Coasters ($16): Protect your coffee table in style with these sweet vintage botanical coasters from Rifle Paper Co. A flower bouquet lasts a week, but these will last you years. Which is why they’d make a fantastic hostess gift. Hint, hint.

How do you use blossoms to decorate your home? Share your floral visions with us in the comments!