The kitchen isn’t just for cooking anymore. We love a good pot of pasta or plate of cookies as much as the next foodie, but when you feel like playing, it’s time to get your hands on some fondant! Summer is the time for doing your favorite things (traveling), eating your favorite foods (ice cream) and discovering new favorite things (fondant). And there are tons of fun things to make with this flexible frosting. Read on to discover 11 ways you can get your fun on with some fondant and create stunning sweets while you’re at it!

1. Back to School Toppers: Yep, it’s that time again. But don’t be too sad, mom. Just stop and listen. Hear that? It’s silence. Bet you haven’t heard that for a while. And now you actually have time to make these fun fondant toppers. Celebratory cupcakes all around. (via Bee in Our Bonnet)

2. Fondant Rainbows: Every day is bright and beautiful when you’re presented with a rainbow-topped treat. We’re throwing a make-believe birthday party just so we can make these! (via The Decorated Cookie)

3. Luau Cookies With Fondant Flowers: Found: the perfect accessory for all your summer sweets. Try these! (via Glorious Treats)

4. DIY Monogram Fondant Cupcake Topper: These unique toppers make a real statement. Personalize any party with the initials of the person being honored and watch their face light up. Nothing says “I care” like a piece of cake with your name on it. (via United with Love)

5. Milkshake Fondant Toppers: If these won’t make you believe in the magic of milkshakes, nothing will. These toppers would be pretty on all kinds of stuff. And what’s more? They’re so small you can eat a million of ‘em. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

6. Watermelon Cupcake Toppers: ‘Tis the season for watermelon. Even if you happen to be all melon-ed out, you can still celebrate with these too-cute fondant toppers. (via Rose Bakes)

7. DIY Fondant Strawberry Toppers: These sweet little strawberries might just be the best toppers you will ever create. A toothpick and a mini star cookie cutter are virtually all the tools you need. (via Bird’s Party Blog)

8. Fondant Rose Cupcake Toppers: Every baker should know how to craft a rose fondant. Here’s the tutorial, and it couldn’t get any easier. (via United with Love)

9. Bowling Cupcake Topper: What’s better than a summer bowling party? A summer bowling party with these fun fondant toppers. Make up a bunch cause everyone will be eyeing them. (via A Baker’s House)

10. Fondant Butterflies: These fondant baby butterflies are so classy, a beautiful embellishment for any treat. (via Glorious Treats)

11. Fondant Ice Cream Toppers ($20 for 12): It’s summer — let’s look at ice cream! We could subsist on ice cream for the entire year, and since it’s what we’re craving while the temps are high, these sweet little toppers take the cake and top it, too.

What’s your fave fondant topper? Don’t be shy — share your secrets in the comments!