When holiday shopping rolls around, there’s always that perfect foodie friend that just seems to elude all of the typical gift ideas. You know the one we’re talking about — the fabulous host, gourmet know-it-all and fearless kitchen warrior. It’s the friend who seems to have every cooking staple and ingredient known to humans, and consequently you’ve put them in the “impossible to shop for” category. This year, we’ve got your back. We searched the web and gathered up the best of the best presents that even a professional chef will be ecstatic to receive. Read on through for gifting inspiration, from hostess prezzies to Santa-worthy splurges.


1. DIY Tonic Water Kit ($22): With artisan brands popping up in every corner store in America, tonic water is making a comeback in a big way. Help your friend one-up the masses with homemade tonic water, crafted from fancy-sounding stuff like Jamaican all-spice and lemongrass. They’ve never had a G & T like this before.


2. Blood Orange Olive Oil ($14): A flavored olive oil goes a long way in elevating a simple dish. This seasonal blend will make a pretty addition to any pantry.


3. Chef’s Pencil Set ($8): Expert cooks are always adjusting recipes according to their own tastes and discoveries. Make sure your favorite foodie doesn’t forget that secret ingredient with these cheeky and colorful pencils.

4. Edible Flower Seed Kit ($45): These folks already have the herb garden on LOCK. Give them something edible that their garden doesn’t currently grow.


5. Laguiole Steak Knives ($69): These classic knives get a modern update with playful colors. It’s a winning combo of form and function so chefs can serve those steaks and pork chops in style.

Style: "Portrait B&W"

6. Imusa Tortilla Press ($20): You pal’s tastiest carnitas and fish tacos recipes get an upgrade with homemade tortillas. This traditional press makes for an especially festive dinner party.

7. Citrus Dinner Napkins ($28): Even the most experienced hosts will love switching up their place settings with these festive maker-made napkins.


8. Deluxe Cheese Kit ($50): Cheese snobs can impress guests on a new level with homemade mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, paneer and queso. Plus, it’s the perfect activity for a winter day.


9. Molecular Mixology Kit ($30): Give them the gift of feeding their true Top Chef with a kit that Wylie Dufresne would approve of.


10. Pie Box ($28-55): Make sure that expertly crafted pie arrives in one piece. An adorable vintage-inspired pie box helps safely (and stylishly!) transport show-stopping treats.


11. OXO Steel Mandoline Slicer ($100): Knife skills are a chef’s best friend. A mandoline enables home cooks to achieve restaurant-quality plating with paper-thin slicing techniques. This one even comes with multiple blades, so you can play with various thicknesses or fun stuff like crinkle cuts.


12. Bread Banneton ($35): Pro chefs know that bread made in-house is the gold standard. These natural cane baskets help home cooks produce stunning European-style loaves in their own kitchens, so they can get in on the artisan action too.


13. Textured Serving Bowls ($32-$42): A perfect recipe deserves to be shown off. Food stylists prefer simple, white pieces like these beautiful bowls, so the food can still take center stage.


14. Mauviel Teakettle ($200): A good tea kettle is essential in any kitchen, but a beauty like this one is rare. Tired hosts will love relaxing with a cup of tea made from this gem. Copper is totally on-trend and helps retain heat.


15. Bouchon Bakery Cookbook ($30): Even the best cooks can brush up on their pastry skills. Acclaimed chef Thomas Keller drops serious dessert knowledge in this coffee table-worthy book. Don’t forget to volunteer as a taste-tester; this book includes recipes like Keller’s famous croissants and macarons.

Are you a serious foodie? What’s on your wishlist this year? Tell us in the comments below.