Ah, butter. There’s no better way to take popcorn, bread, raspberry crumble muffins — just to name a few — to flavor town than with the help of some creamy, melt-in-your-mouth decadence. Spreadable, meltable or sprayable butter, we love it all. The only problem is, we all know butter to be not so healthy for you. But, butter lovers, you’re in for a treat. A new study is out that claims butter might not be as bad for you as you think!

Four Slices of Butter in a Bowl

Researchers at Tufts University have done an massive study that was published in science journal PLOS ONE on Tuesday, which surveyed 630,000 people and found that butter, which contains saturated fat, doesn’t appear to have a link to heart disease after all… despite what many a doc might have told you. That’s good news for for Americans, who average almost 23 sticks of butter in one year! There might even be a slight boon to all our butter-eating. Researchers also found that ingesting the delicious condiment might actually protect us slightly from type two diabetes. What the what?

butter knife , bread , garlic and milk , breakfast in the countryside

Okay, but before you go upping your butter intake exponentially, study author Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts in Boston, warns, “It doesn’t seem to be hugely harmful or beneficial.” And how healthy a food is depends on context. “Vegetable oils and fruits and nuts are healthier than butter, but on the other hand, low-fat turkey meat or a bagel or cornflakes or soda is worse for you than butter.”

So next time your drizzling that delicious golden stuff on your popcorn, don’t feel too badly about it!

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(h/t Thrillist, photo via Getty)