Turns out, humans aren鈥檛 the only ones who can dress up as someone else for Halloween. While you might be making a flapper costume this year, your cupcake could one-up you by masquerading as a hamburger. Uh, yeah, you read that right. These foods may look familiar at first glance, but underneath their costumes, they鈥檙e different things entirely. Zoodles aren鈥檛 the only dressed-up foods on the scene anymore. Check out these 10 tricky food and drink items (and consider serving them at your own Halloween party!).

1. Frushi: These cute little rolls may look like raw fish, but they鈥檙e actually made with fruit! Frushi is a sweet vegan sushi option that鈥檚 sure to be a crowd pleaser any time you entertain. Pro tip: Coconut sugar is a fantastic addition to frushi, keeping it sweet and delicious.

2. Hamburger Cupcakes: It鈥檚 true 鈥 these savory, greasy-looking treats are actually sweet, delicate cupcakes. And the 鈥渟esame seeds鈥 on top of the buns? SPRINKLES, baby!

3. Quinoa Sushi: Although this dish is still *technically* sushi, it鈥檚 definitely got a creative twist: It鈥檚 made with quinoa, rather than traditional sushi rice. This gives you the added bonus of adding even more healthy protein to your meal.

4. Red Velvet Milk and Cookies Shot: Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots! Of milk and cookies? This red velvet cookie cup holds milk, making for a perfect all-in-one dessert. Spiking the milk with Baileys or vodka is completely optional.

5. Eggshell Cupcake: Speaking of masquerading desserts, check out this cupcake in an eggshell. Your guests will be super surprised to peel back these shells only to discover a tiny pastry waiting for them in lieu of an egg.

6. Cocktail in a Takeout Box: What would you do if you opened up a takeout box expecting fried rice, only to discover a delicious Thai cocktail waiting inside? We think these boxes are an uber fun way to serve drinks at any kind of party or get-together 鈥 just make sure your cartons are water tight.

7. Sushi Tacos: Instead of a corn or flour tortilla, these tacos are wrapped in seaweed. And they鈥檙e surprisingly DELICIOUS.

8. Plantain Crust Pizza: Instead of traditional pizza dough, why not lighten things up with baked plantains? They鈥檙e sweet, carby and completely gluten-free. This vegan, super-healthy creation is topped with onions, eggplant, peppers and tomato sauce.

9. Chocolate Chip Milk and Cookies Shot: If you鈥檙e not much of a red velvet fan, try this chocolate chip milk and cookies shot recipe. Bonus points if you cover the rim with rainbow sprinkles.

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10. Sushi Burrito: If nori (that鈥檚 seaweed for you newbies) can be incorporated into tacos, why not burritos? This burrito-shaped sushi creation will essentially taste just like sushi, but it鈥檒l come packaged in a convenient, burrito-like form.

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