It’s the holidays and it’s that time of year where your whole fam flies in from all over the country to congregate around a tree/dinner table/menorah, exchange gifts, suppress urges to wring one another’s necks and basically spend lots of wonderful quality time together (preferably around lots and lots of delicious food). It’s also that time of year when things like nor’easters and blizzards are a thing. Inclement weather plus pressing holiday plans sometimes equal to cancelled or delayed flights. The last thing you need is a high stress travel situation. Enter Freebird, the air travel site that is the answer to your holiday prayers.


They’re super easy to use. Think of it as insurance. First, book your flight. Then, head over to the Freebird site to buy either one-way (typically under $30) or round-trip coverage at Freebird. If your flight is cancelled or seriously delayed, Freebird will send you a notification along with new flight options. Just click on the new flight option and Freebird will book you to that flight at no additional cost.

Yeah, it’s kind of amazing.

Check out their video explaining their process below.

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