Throughout its original run from 1987 through 1995, Full House showcased some truly incredible fashion and hair moments. Spanning almost a decade, the show featured epic 鈥80s and 鈥90s styles rocked by DJ, Michelle, Stephanie, Becky and Kimmy that 鈥 let鈥檚 be real 鈥 influenced many a grade school picture day hairdo among its viewers (*guilty!*). With Fuller House finally dropping on Netflix this weekend (February 26!) let鈥檚 take a look back at 13 of the best hair moments brought to you by the ladies of the Full House cast.

hair 6

1. The Double Down: We鈥檙e feeling this look, DJ (both hair and expression, to be honest). For this 鈥榙o, Ms. Tanner styled a short bob with curled-in ends, parted it down the middle and used undoubtedly the coolest barrettes ever to pin back the two front sections. Simple and classic.

hair 13

2. GoStreaking: The world was not ready for this level of rocker-girl chic. As it turns out, Steph and Deej were the originators of the purple hair trend. A bit of purple dye, colored hairspray or hair chalk can have you easily looking like a third Tanner sister. Get it, ladies.

hair 4

3. Side Parted Bob: Aunt Becky鈥檚 side-parted lob is super enviable. Use this look as inspo for your next chop, then grab your flat iron and style it to sleek perfection. Welcome to Babetown. Population: you.

hair 12

4. High Half Updo: If Kimmy Gibbler鈥檚 iconically kooky sartorial choices weren鈥檛 memorable enough for you, just take a look at her 鈥榙o. Half updos are hot on the hair scene this year, which just goes to show you that Kimmy鈥檚 tresses have stylish staying power.

hair 3

4. Curls + Flower Crown: This look is pretty perfect for your next musical festival. Flowy natural curls with straightened bangs work together to make a super eye-catching textural contrast. Add in a flower crown and we鈥檙e totally sold.

hair 5

6. The Gaga: This. Hair. Bow. Steph鈥檚 locks are part beauty pageant, part Lady Gaga, full awesome. The blunt bangs are timeless and the mega volume with the oversized bow accessory make it truly unforgettable.

hair 11

7. Floral Headpiece: These feathered and hairsprayed bangs actually make the perfect perch for this glorious floral headpiece (headband? hair pin? It鈥檚 magical either way). Psst鈥 we鈥檝e got a great modern beauty hack for adding volume to your hair!

hair 8

8. Sleek 鈥榥鈥 Straight: 鈥90s styles shifted away from the hairspray and more toward smoothed-out 鈥榙os like Kimmy鈥檚 here. The middle part and face-framing layers (a trend that鈥檚 come back big time) are simple touches that make this cut really easy to work with while maintaining its style. Nice choice, Gibbler.

hair 10

9. Surf鈥檚 Up Waves: Oh my god, Becky, look at that hair. It鈥檚 fabulous! Like a true California girl, Becky keeps her waves tousled and beachy. So good.

dj glam hair

10. Old Hollywood: DJ certainly made some waves of her own. These picture-perfect glamour聽waves are so Old Hollywood. Sidenote: Can we discuss that incredible LBD?! She is owning it.

hair 7

11. Bad to the Bone: Michelle momentarily channels her inner Bad Sandy and graces us with this teased-out look like something straight from a Cyndi Lauper music video. The combination of this hair, the barrette and the oversized accessories is pure excellence.

hair 9

12. The Scrunch Bunch: You can鈥檛 talk about Stephanie Tanner and not talk about scrunchies. They鈥檙e a package deal, and we kind of admire that about her. Sporting her standard feathered bangs, Steph opts for a mega high side pony and bright yellow scrunchie. Practical AND stylish.

hair 1

13. Big Crimpin鈥: This look might just take the cake. The crimp level of DJ鈥檚 locks is absolutely off the charts, and we can鈥檛 handle the magnitude of our love for it. (And thanks for the pro tip, Uncle Joey).

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All photos via Warner Bros. Television Distribution.