It鈥檚 a really good time for anyone obsessed with the 鈥90s. Reading Rainbow is coming to Netflix, our best Friends are alive and well on pretty much every basic cable channel and the betties and baldwins of Clueless celebrated a major milestone. Because Netflix is basically our fairy godmother granting our TV wishes, they have also announced a Full House re-boot coming to a Roku near you.

The show will be called Fuller House and the main story will revolve around DJ Tanner. DJ is now a widow (WTF HAPPENS TO ALL THE TANNER SPOUSES?) with three boys who raises them with the help of her sister Stephanie and BFF Kimmy (ne茅 Gibbler). The project will feature almost all of the original stars and recently a very cool set of twins joined the cast.

No, not the twins you鈥檙e thinking of.

Entertainment Weekly reported that twins Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (who played Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse鈥檚 kids back in the day) will return to the new show. The guys confirmed this by snapping shots of their respective scripts and sharing them on Instagram.


This will be the twins鈥 first acting gig since the OG Full House. Dylan has been working in the industry (doing sound effects for tons of Game of Thrones episodes, randomly) and Blake has been active on Twitter but otherwise out of the spotlight.


PS: This is what they look like nowadays. #Babes

We know these aren鈥檛 the twins you deserve (#bringbackmichelle) but they鈥檙e the twins you鈥檙e gonna get right now. Reportedly, Netflix is trying very hard to get Mary-Kate and Ashley to make an appearance and the twins are 鈥渢eetering whether or not they鈥檒l be around.鈥

If this isn鈥檛 enough cool news to get your Full House fix today check out these cool Easter eggs, or this hilariously dark YouTube series. Or you can always check out this pic of Uncle Jesse IRL giving birthday flowers to Aunt Becky to remind yourself that love conquers all.


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(h/t Entertainment Weekly, photos via @dcchillinn, @zeerow1129 and @johnstamos, featured photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)