We know that writing your wedding vows or adding a little extra flair to your ceremony readings can be hard. But when it’s done right, finding those perfectly romantic and perfectly personal words can take your ceremony from basic to extraordinary. To really tap into what captures you as a couple, it might be best to turn to those geeky films, shows and books you both love. Are you a Star Wars superfan? Do you live for Lord of the Rings? Is Harry Potter your homeboy? If you answered yes, then these 10 quotes are the perfect way to nerd out in the best way possible on your big day.


Could Game of Thrones be any cooler for your big day vows? It’s a reminder that you and your partner will always have each other.


Our fave elf queen, Arwen, totally defined the ultimate #relationshipgoals.


This Dumbledore quote will give you and your sweetheart all of the feels.


Dana Scully perfectly captures the beautiful magic and essence of love after years of friendship.


Don’t forget to add a little humor into your wedding vows! This Princess Bride quote blends together humor and heartfelt love.


Sometimes, a simple quote is the best choice to illustrate the strong bond between you and your future spouse. J.K. Rowling nailed it.


This is a classic and simply adorkable exchange that any George Lucas-obsessed newlyweds need to add into their ceremony.


Big Star Trek fan? We think Data said it best.


Or, if dystopian novels are more your thing, Katniss and Peeta’s feelings will make your big day vows shine.


Because isn’t love and marriage going to be your best adventure yet?

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