After you found out you were pregnant, your mind probably jumped right ahead to the next exciting question: boy or girl? While some couples would rather find out after the baby is born, others are hosting gender reveal parties, scheduling photo shoots and coming up with all sorts of creative ways to surprise their loved ones. To help you get in on the fun, we’ve gathered up 15 adorable gender announcement ideas that are sure to have you laughing, smiling and jumping for joy.

Gender Reveal Pinata

1. Pull-String Piñata: A gold pull-string piñata is a super glam, fun way to reveal your baby’s gender. Best of all, it’s fun to DIY using an inexpensive paper lantern and brightly colored confetti. (via Funny/Beautiful)

Gender Reveal Cookies

2. Candy-Filled Cookies: These creative cookies let you satisfy your sweet tooth while announcing the even-sweeter news. Whip up a candy-filled batch for a gender reveal party, or package them in cute boxes to send through the mail. Your baby’s future fan club will surely be ecstatic. (via Craftstorming)

Gender Reveal Glitter

3. Scattered Glitter: Looking to take your big reveal outside? A handful of pink or blue glitter looks pretty glistening in the sun and scattering in the wind. Plus, it makes for some unique pictures you can share online or use to create photo announcement cards. (via Inspired Photography)

Gender Reveal Confetti

4. Confetti Push-Pop ($12): Spill your secret in style by handing out push-pops just bursting with pink or blue confetti. These ones from Anthro even mix in gold for an extra classy touch. Buy a batch, then have all of your guests pop them open at once for a shimmering shower of sparkle.

Gender Reveal M&M Cake

5. Candy-Filled Cake: What could be sweeter than a cake filled with candy-coated chocolates? We especially love the beautiful gradient of colors seen here. You can also carry the surprise a step further by having some M&M’s stamped with your little one’s expected name. (via Betty Crocker)

Gender Reveal Banner

6. DIY Banner Kit ($24): Featuring cardboard letters, a vintage yarn bundle and hand-dyed pins, this quirky kit is a must-have party decoration. Bust it out for the reveal, then reuse it later during your baby shower. You can also share the love by gifting it to a pregnant friend after you’re done.

Gender Reveal Paint

7. Paint Guns: This couple’s reaction is absolutely priceless. Recreate the moment by having family members squirt you with pink or blue paint while a photographer captures your expressions. It’s the perfect playful way to celebrate your little boy or girl. (via Macon Photography)

Gender Reveal Bubble Gum

8. Bubble Gum: Even if your belly hasn’t “popped” too much just yet, this bubble gum photo collage is a cute way to let everyone know you’ve got a baby on board. Not digging the idea of bubble blowing? Lollipops make for a fun alternative. (via Double the Batch)

Gender Reveal Hands

9. Paint-Covered Hands: Use pink or blue paint to recreate this announcement and then save the rest for decorating the colorful nursery of your dreams. After the shirt dries, you can also turn it into a creative keepsake by having friends sign it during your shower. (via Double the Batch)

Gender Reveal Scratchers

10. DIY Scratchers: Want to give your announcement cards a unique twist? This five-step tutorial tells you how to turn them into scratchers using silver acrylic paint and dish soap. Pass some out during the party and let everyone have a complete blast uncovering the truth. (via Zazzle)

Gender-Reveal-Ice-Cream (1)

11. Ice Cream Cones: Craving ice cream? This cone-inspired photo collage is by far one of the coolest gender reveals we’ve seen. Just be sure not to eat the creamy treats (or let them melt) before your photographer takes the pictures. (via What to Expect)

Gender Reveal Surprise Inside Cake

12. Surprise-Inside Cake: Surprise-inside cakes are always a treat, and your gender reveal party is the perfect excuse to make one. We’re already drooling over this delectable creation topped with chocolate frosting and decorative dots. You too, right? (via I Am Baker)

Gender Reveal Balloons

13. Balloons in Bags: Who says mom and dad get to have all the fun? Let siblings celebrate their new brother or sister by pulling pink or blue balloons out of gift bags. We’d say these four little girls seem pretty excited about the upcoming addition. (via Life Your Way)

Gender Reveal Pet

14. Pet Photo: Even with a new human baby in the house, your fur babe will always hold a special place in your heart. Make him or her a part of your gender reveal by having them pose alongside a mini chalkboard and bunch of balloons. Doesn’t this lovable bulldog look totally stoked? (via BarkPost)

Gender Reveal Ombre Cake

15. Ombre Cake: The white frosting might look basic and bland, but inside, this cake is just bursting with a rainbow of ombre colors. Plus, how cute is the little pennant flag banner? We think it would look equally adorbs on a baby shower or birthday cake. (via Call Me Cupcake)

Are you planning a special gender reveal? Share your thoughts and creative ideas below.