Everything鈥檚 better with glitter 鈥 yes, even a morning cup of joe, it turns out. Coffee By Di Bella 鈥 a Mumbai, India-based coffee chain 鈥 created the glittery cappuccinos we had no clue we needed. Topped with edible rainbow glitter that speaks to our unicorn soul, the sparkly capp is aptly called a Diamond Cappuccino.

Even if you don鈥檛 live in or around Mumbai, Coffee By Di Bella鈥檚 gorgeous bev is Insta-worthy enough to admire from afar. Just look at how profesh classic leaf latte art appears when paired with glistening glitter. So pretty!

One Coffee By Di Bella customer, Supriya Nair, took to Instagram to offer her rave review. Known as @supri_30 on the platform, she shared a couple show-stopping photos of the capp, highlighting its surprising beauty benefits coffee lovers *might* not expect.

鈥淗ad a bedazzled evening at Coffee By Di Bella. Tried out their signature diamond and gold cappuccino only available in Mumbai,鈥 Nair wrote. 鈥淲hile the glitter does give the coffee a creamier texture, it leaves you with a shiny lip gloss too. And yes it鈥檚 edible glitter!鈥

Excuse us while we Google how much a ticket to Mumbai will cost us on such short notice, because we NEED to try a Diamond Cappuccino first-hand. Though the glitter has the potential to be a bit, uh, much for an every day caffeine fix, any self-described *extra* person should promptly figure out how to get their hands on Coffee By Di Bella鈥檚 Diamond Cappuccino as soon as possible.

By the way, a Diamond Cappuccino 鈥 super fancy sounding as it may be 鈥 is actually just the chain鈥檚 signature capp topped with edible glitter. (Translation: It鈥檚 EVERYTHING.)

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