This time of year, gold everything seems to be popping up — and we don’t hate it one bit. Gilded holiday decor and glitzy makeup looks have been filling our feeds, giving us enough inspo to make our minds race with how to gold-ify everything in our lives. While it’s not crazy to see golden lipstick or eyeshadow, it’s not so common to catch a glimpse of gold in someone’s locks — but that notion is about to change thanks to a shiny new trend that’s also totally DIYable.


Gold-leaf hair is here and it’s perfect for taking your tresses to the next level, especially during the holidays when metallic everything is acceptable/encouraged. You can get super creative with how you rock gold-leaf hair: It looks sweet and simple thinly applied to your part, bold and artsy when you rock it in random shapes on the bulk of your hair and holiday-party-appropriate when it peeks out from a thick braid. Really, you can rock this trend in countless ways, so think outside of the box and see how many unique looks you can come up with!


Here’s how to DIY it: Lightly cover your hair with mousse or a sticky pomade to give the gold leaf something to adhere to. Then, cut the gold leaf in whatever shape you want; just go with whatever vibe you’re feeling. Finally, pat the gold leaf on top of the hair product and voila! You’re a golden goddess with hair that’ll be sure to turn heads ;)


What’s your favorite way to wear gold? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t Refinery29; photos via @thefoxandthehair + @pixielott)