As you probably know, here at Brit + Co we take Halloween very seriously — it’s the ultimate creative holiday where everyone lets down their guard and isn’t afraid to get silly! And since the big day is right around the corner, we decided to team up with our friends over at Good Morning America to show off our favorite tips and tricks for a last-minute Halloween party. Whether you’re kicking it back with your hubby and kids or inviting over a group of your besties, these ideas will enable you and your crew to reach your ultimate “squad ghouls” ;)

Frankenstein Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has been all the rage this year so we decided to give it a Halloween spin by turning each slice into a mini Frankenstein. All you’ll need to do is mash your avocado and spread onto a piece of toast. Cut pieces of blue corn tortillas to give Frankenstein his spiky hair-do and neck bolts. Next, cut up red peppers, dill pickles, olives, and radishes to make the rest of Frankenstein’s face. Ghouly and delicious!

Black Widow Venom Punch

To create this creepy crawling punch you’ll want to mix cranberry juice, blood orange soda, lemon juice and a bit of sugar into a large punch bowl. The ice cubes are where things start to get creepy. Add plastic spiders into your ice tray and then set in the freezer for four hours. Once your guests are about to arrive, top off the punch with the spider ice cubes and get ready to cause a fright.

Take your punch to the next level by freezing water in a plastic glove — once frozen, let the hand float in the punch bowl and stand back to watch your friends’ petrified faces. Top the punch off with dry ice to give it that spooky phantom fog.

Blood-Splattered Photo Booth and Creepy Eyeball Props

The first rule of throwing a party is to ensure you have a place to pose and snap some photos! For our last-minute Halloween party, we used a white tablecloth and red acrylic paint to create a gory, blood-dripping backdrop. And of course, a photo booth isn’t complete without props!

To create the eyeballs you will want to use white round balloons. Next, cut a medium-sized circle out of green tissue paper and then a smaller black circle out of construction paper. Use double-sided tape to attach these circles together and then to the balloon. Make these eyeballs even creepier by using a red marker to create veins around the eyeball. (Photo via Studio DIY)

Ice, Ice, Baby Costume

Alright, stop, collaborate and listen, Brit is back with a brand new invention — the Ice, Ice, Baby family costume! This idea is not only silly; it’s also super easy. All you need are clear trash bags and a blue Sharpie. Hand letter on the word ICE and then cut a hole for your waist and two holes on the side for your arms. Slide the bag over your shirt and stuff with more clear trash bags to resemble ice. Dress your little boo up as the hottest rapper with a matching tracksuit and rad sunglasses. (Photo via The Thinking Closet)

Social Butterfly Costume

This next idea takes the term “social butterfly” to a whole new level. Simply print out the logo of a few social channels — i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. — and iron them onto a black shirt. Create butterfly wings out of black and colorful felt and attach the wings to the backside of the shirt. On the other edge of the wing, attach a hair tie to slip onto your wrist. This will allow you to spread your wings and show all of your social loving colors.

Take the costume a step further and dress your dog as a smartphone. Use felt to create the smartphone design on the back of a black dog shirt. (Photo via Instagram @allisonwood)

Pssst… Check out some behind-the-scenes moments from my Good Morning America segment below, and make sure to watch the spooky segment to see these ideas in action right HERE.

How will you be celebrating Halloween? Share your spooktacular ideas with me on Twitter, @brit.