Halloween is just around the corner, and our sweet tooth is ready. We’re thinking candy corn, festively loaded Halloween peanut butter brownies and this awesome new fall-approved M&M flavor. Nom nom nom. For you sugar lovers out there, the latest innovation in 3D printing is going to thrill you. Try not to drool on your computer. Katjes is a European company that invented the world’s first 3D printer that makes custom gummy candies, appropriately named the Magic Candy Factory. Obviously this kind of candy tech is nothing new (we already have the chocolate version!), but it’s still exciting to witness in PERSON. The Magic Candy Factory set up shop at Café Grün-Ohr in Berlin this August, where guests can come in and create their own custom candy.


Seriously, how cool does this look? Plus the range of things you could do with this baby seem endless — whether you want your name, a printed octopus or a heart, the world is your oyster when it comes to printed gummies. (You could also probably print an oyster). According to the managing director of Katjes, you could even print a donut-flavored Brooklyn Bridge gummy. What a time to be alive!

It’s also cool that these candies are 100% vegan, dairy free, gluten free and all natural. The intent for that, according to Melissa Snover, the Managing Director at Katjes UK, is so that “everyone from all walks of life can enjoy the experience.” If you’re hankering for one of these high-tech treats, you can order them online or visit their shop in Berlin.

Here’s a video of their opening day.


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