Summer is over, and fall is verrrrry much here. This is usually the season when the consumption of ice cream would go the way of the dinosaurs, but Haagen-Dazs wants to sit with you next to the flickering fire and help you wind down after a long day with a nice red wine… and ice cream… together in one bowl. Say what!?

Back in April, Haagen-Dazs Japan released veggie-flavored ice cream. Now they’re set to launch two more unusual offerings in December. The flavors go by the names “Antoinette” and “Opera.” Antoinette is made with Bordeaux, custard ice cream, sponge cake, red wine sauce and edible silver flakes. We see it pairing well with some red carpet coverage or a viewing of The Voice, while you cheer for Team Gwen or Team Adam.

And let’s not forget about Opera. It’s made with butter cream and coffee ice cream, almond cookies flavored with rum, coffee syrup, chocolate sauce and edible gold flakes. Opera has already become a winter staple in Japan since its release in 2011.

If you’re grabbing a pint in hopes of getting a little buzzed, that’s not going to happen. They each contain 0.6% alcohol. Beyond that, neither are available in the U.S. Sad face. Ever the optimists, we’ll just patiently bombard Haagen-Dazs U.S.A. with tweets and wait ’til word comes that they’re releasing the flavors here. Until then, enjoy their bourbon pecan praline or DIY your own boozy ice cream.

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(h/t RocketNews24 + Fashionsnap)