Hallmark Channel is famous for its beloved Christmas movies, but you don’t have to wait until December to see some holiday-themed romance. The network releases feel-good films for every season, and this year, for the first time ever, they’re debuting an Easter flick.

Easter Under Wraps will premiere on Saturday, April 20, as part of the network’s 2019 Spring Fever lineup, so grab a chocolate bunny or a slice of carrot cake, and settle in.

The movie stars Fiona Gubelmann (The Good Doctor) as Erin Cavendish, a woman who decides to go undercover at her family’s chocolate plant to find out why sales are suffering. During her covert mission, she meets Bryan (Chesapeake Shores actor Brendan Penny), the handsome head chocolatier, who is eager to update the company’s Easter product line. Together, they team up to bring back “the greatest Easter chocolate there ever was”: the legendary Cavendish egg.

Naturally, as they spend more time together, they begin to fall for each other. But as in every Hallmark movie, there are some complications along the way — including the fact that Erin is lying about her identity — so you’ll have to watch the movie to see how everything plays out.

East Under Wraps premieres on the Hallmark channel on Saturday, April 20, at 9pm ET/PT.

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(Photo via Allister Foster/Crown Media)