We’ve shown you how to take your garden indoors. We’ve mentioned that going vertical is never a bad idea. And we’ve even shown you how to keep in all under glass. And now for our greatest green thumb magic trick, we’re showing you how your horticulturalist efforts can defy gravity. You better believe that we love these hanging planters so much we’ll be willing to soil ourselves as soon as we get them into our hands. (We’re talking about getting dirty… in the dirt… that is called soil… just to be clear.)

1. DIY Hanging Planters: Don’t worry. This DIY is not as intimidating as it looks. All you’re doing is adding a splash of paint and putting together your micro garden. We have total faith that you can handle that. (via Say Yes)

2. Sky Planter Three Pack ($41): Whoa! Magic! And you don’t have to worry about things falling out of the sky and onto your head. That stuff is secure, and there’s even an internal reservoir in case you’re the type who tends to forget to take care of things. (Guilty!)

3. Triangle Design Black and White ($32): Made just for you by a ceramics artists in the foothills of Western North Carolina.

4. Small Tiered Beaded ($79): The owner of this Etsy shop is currently on vacation. We’re already setting up an alert for her return. We needed this planter in our living room yesterday.

5. Giant Vintage Macrame ($55): Three years ago, if you would have asked us what we thought about macrame coming back into style, we might have turned up our noses. But it’s back, and we’ll be the first to admit that we may have judged it too harshly.

6. Jelly Planters ($59): You guys. Crazy-shaped jellies used to be considered, like, the poshest centerpiece any hostess with the mostess could put on display. Today? Not so much. But those vintage jelly molds are all just hanging around now, waiting for you to put plants in them.

7. Hanging Handbags ($23): We’re bringing balcony gardening back.

8. DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop: Please tell us you’re making this for all of your friends as a summer solstice present (it’s a thing… maybe). If so, consider us your friends. (via Vintage Revivals)

9. Mini Macrame Succulent Egg Decorations: Easter is coming. And you’re hosting. Need a party favor? We’ve got your party favor. (via Tuts+)

11. Chevron Succulent Planter ($46): Does anything happen at Brit + Co. without a sprinkling of chevron? The answer is clearly no.

12. Miniature Hanging Garden: It’s garland meets garden, and it’s wonderful. (via Penelope + Pip)

13. Gardening Hang Ups: We can’t think of a better way to brighten up a boring wooden fence. And when color trends change, you just need a few slaps of the old paintbrush to make these new again. (via Camille Styles)

14. Neon Straws and String: Our very own DIY goddess, Kate Puhala, hacked these little planters, and we’re feeling rather proud of the girl. They turned out fantastic and are soon to be hanging over our desks. (via Brit + Co.)

15. Air Nest ($19): You can definitely make your own little yarn globes, but if you’re a little short on time or overwhelmed with current projects, you can also just buy these. They’re like an airy little sweater for your succulents.

16. Perfect Urban Garden: Get out your power tools, because you’re about to do some epic making. (via Brit + Co.)

17. Plastic Fishbowls: Hopefully you’re not interested in this tutorial because your sweet little goldfish just had an aquatic burial, but if that is indeed the case, we can think of no better tribute to honor the little fins’ legacy. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18. Hanging Test Tubes ($38): Lisa Jones of Pigeon Toe in Portland is probably one of our favorite pottery designers. And we’re totally loving these porcelain, unglazed, extra-large test tubes that effortlessly suspend from a leather shoelace.

Which jardinière is tugging at your gardner heartstrings? Plant the seeds below!