Valentine’s Day is a decorative baker’s dream. Valentine’s Day dessert recipes can get pretty darn creative, whether they’re creative Valentine’s Day cookie recipes or pink-hued Galentine’s Day dessert recipes. And Instagram’s most popular bakers are going *all out* this year. In honor of the prettiest, pinkest, most heart-filled day of the year, we thought we’d treat you to some of the most swoon-worthy designs crafted by Instagram’s top bakers. These 10 heart-shaped desserts are the stuff of dreams.

1. Love and Lace: This gorgeous heart-shaped cookie features a hand-piped lace frosting design over top a bright pink background. It’s a sugar cookie, so we have no doubt it tastes as sweet as it looks.

2. Hearts and Bears: This sweet design is especially perfect for kids (and kids at heart). We’re super impressed by these adorable little heart-adorned teddy bears — though the red heart-shaped sugar cookies are not to be overlooked.

3. Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes: These heart-adorned cupcakes are as decadent and chocolatey as they are pretty. Coated with a soft pink frosting on the outside, they’re bursting with gooey, rich chocolate on the inside, to every chocolate-lover’s delight.

4. Sweet Talk: These Sweetheart-inspired cupcakes are totally on point. There’s something for everyone here, from double-chocolate to totally blonde, and the modern adaptations of Valentine’s Day sentiments are sure to impress all of your Valentines.

5. Queen of Hearts: This cake stands out from the pack thanks to its dramatic Valentine’s Day-inspired color scheme. We love how the bright red hearts contrast with the stark white ones, creating an elegant and totally fun aesthetic.

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6. Pink Macarons and Heart-Shapes Strawberries: Not to be confused with macaroons (a totally different dessert), macarons are dainty French confections made with meringue, sugar and egg whites. They’re uber romantic and PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. We love these strawberry-topped, pink-hued treats.

7. Retro Romance: These simply adorable heart-shaped sugar cookies have a somewhat retro vibe, no? We think it’s probably the gorgeous orange, pink and Tiffany blue color scheme that does the trick. Then again, it could be the hand-popped flower petals and asymmetrically shaped hearts.

8. Chocolate Kisses: This stunning white cake is dripping with chocolate and decked out with none other than heart- and lip-shaped sugar cookies. We’re particularly impressed by the big, pillowy lips that serve as the cake topper.

9. Love and Sprinkles: Nothing says love quite like a massive confetti and sprinkle explosion, and these cookies give you just a hint of such. They’re kind of like a combination of color-dipped cookies and sprinkle-adorned cookies — and we’re loving it.

10. Galaxy Sprinkles: Stars, moons, confetti and hearts comprise the sprinkle combination on these cosmic cookies. We also totally love the color scheme — it’s just romantic enough to be perfect for V-day, but it also incorporates twilight and blue hues to give off a totally galactic vibe.

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