Imagine if IKEA allowed you to design your own furniture at a higher quality, but still kept that great low price. Yup, it’s true. There’s a new build-it-yourself online retailer in town, and it’s called Hem.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE ourselves some IKEA, but Fab’s new brand, Hem, is more than just Fab-ulous.

You may know Fab as a design-focused online retailer that sells a bunch of really cool products, from home furnishings to killer accessories. But now, they are concentrating on selling their own products, and they just announced their new spin-off business for private label furnishings, Hem. With it, users can customize their own home decor, which will arrive to their doorstep, ready to build (no tools required). You know what that means… it’s affordable!

The Hem portal will allow anyone to work directly with European factories to ensure quality craftsmanship at lower prices. The site will have an online customization tool, so even those who claim they’re not artists can take part in the designing fun. Just head over to Hem, customize your exclusive piece of furniture and they’ll send it directly to you (from the factory). All you’ve got to do is assemble. And if you’ve purchased anything from IKEA, you know very well what that’s all about.

Unfortunately, Hem is still pre-launch. But come September, it will be up and running in over 30 countries in North America and Europe, including the U.S.

Will you be a Hem user when it launches? Sound off in the comments!

(h/t: The Next Web)