In case you haven’t been on the Internet today, allow us to catch you up to speed. Starbucks has a new secret menu item: “pink drink.” While it may sound like a mysterious punch bowl you had once at a party in college, it’s actually a super refreshing custom beverage that folks love for its fruity taste and charming color.


What exactly IS the pink drink, you ask? To order, ask your barista for a “Strawberry Açai Refresher made with coconut milk (instead of water) and a scoop of strawberries.” After seeing its curious color all over Instagram, I decided — for the sake of journalism — I should give it a try.

I headed to the Starbucks in SF on Powell Street and promptly apologized to the barista for my forthcoming order. I asked if he knew what the “pink drink” was. He said no. But then something must have clicked in his head and he said “Oh! The acai refresher thing?” I said yes and gave him all the specifics, and he nodded like he’d had it before. “It’s SOOOO good,” he told me. He then told the other barista to give me a heavy dose of strawberries. Thanks, dude!


I brought not one, but TWO with me back to Brit HQ to try out with my coworkers. Upon first sip I was smacked in the face with sweetness. As someone who stopped putting sugar in my coffee and tea earlier this year, this tasted like straight-up sugar. But after the initial sugar rush subsided, I enjoyed it a little bit. It was a creamy, strawberry treat. It reminded me of a strawberry shortcake popsicle — my go-to when the ice-cream truck rolled up in my neighborhood.

I offered up some samples to my co-workers. Kelly, our DIY designer, told me it tasted like a drinkable version of strawberry Pocky. Shanan, our head of product, told me it tastes like “strawberries and cream” — which is essentially exactly what it is. My suggestion? If you’re not planning on bouncing off the walls and scheduling a dentist appointment ASAP, ask for it with half the stawberry-açai concentrate. Cheers!

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(Photography via Brittany Griffin)