This week, the Internet is abuzz with talks of “hidden” Facebook messages, and it’s a good reminder to check your account immediately and clear up any awkwardness. This isn’t exactly a new revelation — many news outlets reported on an “Other” message folder a few years ago — but now everyone is in an uproar about a similar folder called “See filtered requests.”


This folder basically acts like a spam filter and puts messages it deems unimportant in a separate place that’s a bit tricky to find. Back in 2013, Facebook Product Manager of Messages Jimmy Chen told ABC regarding the “Other” folder: “Our priority is delivering the most relevant messages to you while keeping lower-quality messages out.” The problem is some of these messages may be from business contacts or other people you actually care about.

From what we can tell, the “See filtered requests” folder is basically the same as “Other,” which Facebook got rid of last year and replaced with “Message requests” (that’s where you’ll see these filtered ones). Here’s how you can find all of your unread messages: Go to “Messages” at the top of your Facebook account, click on “Message requests” at the top right, and then click “See filtered requests.” Now sit and ponder how many people think you ignored them for years. (Or perhaps this will inspire you to quit social media altogether.)

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