Love Horoscopes? You Need This High Fashion Zodiac Calendar
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Love Horoscopes? You Need This High Fashion Zodiac Calendar

We’ll admit it. We like to accessorize with our astrological signs. However, we’ve never considered going all out and literally dressing like our signs. (Although, it’s never too soon for Halloween costume ideas…) But have you ever wondered if your sign influences your fashion choices? Photographer Tejal Patni explored this idea by shooting a couture zodiac calendar, and we’re swooning over the shots. It’s not too late to get a new 2015 calendar, is it?


When it comes to fashion, the traditional Capricorn believes that rules exist for a reason. You never catch her making a fashion faux pas.


Freethinking Aquarians like to make waves with their style. And why not? No one likes to be considered “predictable.”


Pisces are often right on trend with their style choices, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. They just like to go with the flow.


Aries have strong opinions about life and fashion and will do anything to achieve their style goals. They are often impulsive, but always on point.


It should come as no surprise that the bull is stubborn about what works for her when it comes to classic looks. But when you know what works, you always look good.


Experimental Geminis will try anything twice when it comes to their style choices. Hey, there’s no shame in wanting people to do a double take.


Homebody Cancers consider their clothing protection from the elements. After all, what’s a crab without its shell?


Lions like to go all out and stand out from the crowd. Is there any doubt that Leo would be dressed in gold?


Independent Virgos are all about the minimalism. Clean lines and simple colors fill her closet.


Libras, while balanced in life, can be indecisive when it comes to their clothes. But their love for the finer things always keeps them looking good.


Sensual scorpios love bold, rich colors. They’re passionate about a lot of things in life, including their closet.


Extroverted archers aren’t afraid to be a little adventurous with fashion. And they usually nail it with their bold choices.

Do you identify with your Zodiac sign when it comes to personal style? Let us know in the comments!