A spirited Hillary Clinton took the stage as the closing keynote speaker at the 28th annual Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco on March 28. Joking that she was 鈥渢hrilled to be out of the woods and in the company of so many inspiring women,鈥 the former Secretary of State 鈥 and former presidential candidate, lifelong public servant, grandmother, mother, best-selling author, and all around nasty woman 鈥 once again enthralled a crowd of thousands with a stirring speech covering everything from the recently failed GOP healthcare plan to why we need to continue to persist. Here are 10 highlights from her speech.

1. 鈥淭here鈥檚 no place I鈥檇 rather be, here with you, other than the White House.鈥 We understand.

2. 鈥淭here has never been a more important woman than the woman who stands up, and says, not just for herself, but for everybody else, we want diversity and inclusion in everything we do in our country.鈥 Representation matters, and we are stronger together.

3. 鈥淲e know from decades of data that encouraging women鈥檚 full participation is both right and smart.鈥 It鈥檚 not a zero-sum game; when we empower and lift up women, everyone wins.

4. 鈥淲e need to reset the table so women are no longer required to accept or adapt to discrimination and sexism at work.鈥 Women don鈥檛 just need a seat at a table, we need a new table.

5. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not like I didn鈥檛 know all the nasty things they were saying about me鈥 but you just have to keep going.鈥 The woman is made out of Teflon.

6. 鈥淲here some see a dark vision of carnage, I see a light shining on creativity and opportunity.鈥 This is a great reminder that even through these crazy times we are living in, there is always hope.

7. 鈥淗uman rights are women鈥檚 rights, and women鈥檚 rights are human rights, once and for all.鈥 Clinton also said, 鈥淎dvancing the rights of women and girls is the great unfinished business of the 21st century.鈥 So let鈥檚 finish it.

8. 鈥淩esist. Insist. Persist. Enlist.鈥 Clinton encouraged everyone to resist bias and bullying, hate, and fear; insist on putting people first by working together; persist (a la Elizabeth Warren); and enlist in the effort and 鈥済et in the arena.鈥

9. 鈥淣ow is the time to demand the progress we want to see and to work together to make it real in our own lives, in our business, in our government, in our families, our country, and the world.鈥 Stay vigilant; stay active.

10. 鈥淚 do know what I鈥檓 still fighting for. I鈥檓 fighting for a fairer, big-hearted, inclusive America.鈥 And we couldn鈥檛 ask for a better fighter in our corner.

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(Photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty)