One of the absolute best parts of the holidays is the gift-giving part. And unless your friend is a Harry Potter fanatic (in which case it’s super easy to shop for them) or the ultimate foodie (also easy to shop for), it may be kind of hard to figure out what to get for them, especially this late in the game (Christmas is in three days, folks). Have no fear, because the gift of learning is a perfect gift for anyone. Even if your friends don’t think they’re particularly creative or crafty, these classes are great because a) they’ll learn how to tap into their creativity and b) there’s no need to worry about shipping because they’re online.

Instant gratification is great, right? Here are our top picks for the holidays.

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1. Bounce Lettering Basics Online Class: Brittany Luiz will teach your bud how to use Tombow dual brush pens to draw both script and block-letter alphabets, use the right strokes and amount of pressure to create whimsical, bouncing words and phrases and use blending techniques to make sure your designs wow. Your friend will come away with their own hand-lettered cards — you might even get one as a thank you for giving such an awesome gift! ;)


2. Photo Styling Online Class: Meredith Staggers of Cake & Confetti will show your friend how to set up photos like the awesome ones they see on their Instagram feed. Your pal will learn how to use different filters and settings from different apps, and give their on-brand photography a boost. This class will help them segue into collaboration with other brands by taking awesome Insta shots, if that’s what they would like to do.


3. Intro to Ink Illustration Online Class: Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom will teach your bud how to turn everyday objects into adorable ink illustrations using basic techniques and incorporate lettering into illustrations. They’ll also learn layout and planning best practices. No more boring finished pieces!


4. Photography for Bloggers Online Class: Lindsay Ostrom, photographer and culinary mind behind Pinch of Yum, is here to teach her students how to take photos that will complement their content. Students will learn how to use manual controls on a DSLR and the best ways to use lighting. Lindsay will also demonstrate styling — perfect for getting those detail shots for the how-tos you see on blogs. Tell your pal to prepare for a big-time reader boost.

It’s the age of creatives, and the holidays are the season for giving, so we want to help you in your gifting mission by giving you something too — how does a discount on all of our online classes sound? Good? Okay, here are the deets:

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Get gifting! And maybe snag a class for yourself too. After surviving 2016, you deserve it.

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