No matter what holiday you celebrate, there is just something in the air this time of year that makes us totally giddy. Maybe it has to do with dusting off the decorations, re-watching our favorite movies or getting together with extended family — whatever it is, we can’t get enough. Add a baby to the mix and the holiday excitement goes through the roof. One of the (many) great things about having a baby is getting them dressed up and showing them off. But we know you’re busy, and the last thing you have time for is searching for the perfect outfit. That’s why we hunted down 10 of the cutest holiday onesies we could find.

1. Moose Cardigan ($30): Get your little one dressed for the family holiday party in a snap with this all-in-one outfit wonder. Moose print and a plaid bow tie? Someone just made Santa’s best dressed list.

2. Santa Baby Onesie ($22): A bit of sparkle makes everything better. This bedazzled onesie, made with the highest quality rhinestones, will not only get you through this Christmas, it’ll be the most coveted hand-me-down for years to come.

3. Challah Back ($20): Available in both long and short sleeves, you’ll have the cutest matzo ball at the party.

4. Bow Tie + Suspenders Bodysuit ($19): Picking out a cute outfit and trying to get it on a wiggly toddler is one of life’s greatest challenges. Keeping it clean is another. Make it (a little) easier on yourself and get this onesie with attached suspenders and bow tie.

5. Charlie Brown Inspired Onesie ($14): Try something different and unexpected for this year. Pose your little peanut under the Christmas tree in this onesie for the cutest card on the block.

6. Ya Filthy Animal ($13): No holiday season is complete without at least one Home Alone viewing, and this quirky onesie is perfect for your own little trouble maker. Beware though, once people get a glimpse of this adorable onesie they’ll be quoting the movie all night long.

7. Latke Lover Bodysuit ($18): You don’t have to have teeth to know what you like, and who wouldn’t love those fried, golden potato pancakes? No one will blame you for having seconds either, if you’re sharing with the baby.

8. Snowman Sleeper ($13): We’ve always had a thing for cute snowmen (Frosty, anyone?), and with the Frozen craze still going strong, there’s no getting away from it even if we wanted to. And if the older kids still won’t take off their Ana and Elsa Halloween costumes, embrace it by adding an Olaf to the bunch.

9. Panda Bear Hoodie ($42): Does anyone else think about Randy from A Christmas Story every time you bundle up? Make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone with this eco-friendly body suit.

10. Imaginary Friend Shirt ($22): Hilarious or Grinch-esque? We’ll leave that up to you to decide, but pull this onesie out when your child sees Santa for the first time and you’ll have a great #TBT one day.

Which one of these dashing outfits will you dress your tiny tot in this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!