‘Tis the season to be jolly… and full. The holiday season brings family and friends gathering around tables to sing carols, drink eggnog and — of course — eat cookies. And, while the moments are what we’re most likely to remember, the setting in which they happen can be pretty darn memorable too. These 25 festive plate settings will transform your table into a winter wonderland, whether you’re throwing a blowout holiday party or serving breakfast after Santa has paid a visit. As if we need any further inspiration to eat, drink and be merry.


1. Ultra Christmas-y: Traditional and fun, this holiday table features downsized-yet-festive Christmas trees at its center. If your dining table is next to your full-sized holiday tree, even better. (via Destination Living)


2. Make It Reindeer: This playful table would suit a meal with both kids and grown-up kids, as it mixes clean, modern elements with cute reindeer. (via FrenchyFancy)


3. Emerald Moment: We often see green paired with red in December, but this table setting lets the former hue stand all on its own. The designer drew inspiration from Kate Spade, which explains the clean, preppy, fun feel. (via Pizzazzerie)


4. Feel the Fern: One creative table-setter realized that a fern’s leaves look a bit like Christmas trees. Layer one behind your bow-tied utensils and you’re done. (Photo via Sarah Kathleen)


5. Citrus Christmas: We don’t typically associate Christmas with citrus fruits, but this fresh look proves that your holiday dinner can handle a bit of tang. (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)


6. Upscale Feast: A wintry wedding or highbrow dinner party could pull off this classy table. The color palette goes perfectly with the Champagne glasses you’ll be using to cheers. (Photo via Eric Kelley)


7. Gracious Glitz: Just as ice glistens on the trees outside, your table can be both natural and blingy. Gold-dusted pinecones complement the gilded placemats and utensils to give you the best of both worlds. Your guests will love the personalized nameplates too. (via Just Destiny)


8. Present Pink: A few wrapped presents turn an otherwise traditional table into one that’s holiday ready. Match your wrapping paper to your theme and send the little boxes home as favors. (Photo via Charlie Juliet)


9. Gilded Good Tidings: Buy a pack of pretty Christmas cards to inspire your table design and send your guests off with well wishes. For an eclectic take, you could reuse the front halves of cards you’ve received in the mail — like snowflakes, no two will be the same. (Photo via Kelli Murray)


10. Trimmed With Tree: Chargers made from tree trunks set a rather rustic scene, while golden elements and crisp plates add a dash of modern elegance. (Photo via Jacque Lynn)


11. Be Berry and Bright: The vibrant red of cranberries ties right into the holiday season, and a wired branch of faux berries can literally tie your table runner together. (via Sortrature)


12. Ornamental: The ornament you place at each guest’s setting will serve both as a party favor and a reminder of your special dinner every time it hangs from the holiday tree. (Photo via Butiksofie)


13. Whittled Welcome ($145): Enlist an artisan to laser-cut wooden place cards for each of your guests. Again, if you tie a ribbon through each name, your guest walks out with a fun ornament to keep forever. Or, make it a monogram and keep it yourself. (via Laura Hooper Calligraphy)


14. Black, White and Gold: They’re not typically Christmas colors, but they work. A few sprigs of evergreen and snowflake shapes make it completely holiday ready. (via Elements of Style)


15. White Christmas: Let it snow all over your dining room table. This cute spread includes frosty houses, snowflakes and twinkling tea lights. (Photo via Elisabeth Heier)


16. Reindeer Games: This table was created with kids in mind (as if the glitter, bright red chevron and reindeer statuettes didn’t clue you in), but a fun cocktail party may be just as perfect. (Photo via Jessica Kettle)


17. Lumberjack Chic: Whether you use a true Tartan fabric or tea towels (like the original designer did), plaid makes this table feel warm and cozy. If you want full-on rustic, follow suit with candles in tin cans. (via Poppytalk)


18. Gold and Green: Gold makes an ideal addition to your holiday table’s palette. Add add a few pine branches and you can’t go wrong — plus your table will smell as great as at looks. (Photo via J Wiley Photography)

19. Simple Setting: This setup proves that it doesn’t take much to transform your normal dining table into something extraordinary. A sprinkling of pinecones, a stripe of red in your linens, a small sprig of pine… et voila. (via French Larkspur)


20. Berry Wreath: Here’s a simple way to make your normal formal table settings feel holiday appropriate: Fold napkins on top of your plate and top each with a personalized wreath made of deep red berries. As an added bonus, you can easily make them yourself. (via Say Yes)


21. Oh, Christmas Tree: Another easy option if you want something quick, cute and easy. It might even require less work than the berry wreath. (via Stylizimo)


22. Star-Spangled: Don’t let your treetop monopolize those stars — spread them around for equal parts cute and chic by hanging them from a garland-wrapped chandelier. (via Skona Hem)


23. One Last Rudolph: The third reindeer place card on our list is arguably the cutest. Kids will love it — that and the star-shaped cookies placed carefully on each plate. Yum. (Photo via Love Bucket Photo)


24. Harlequin Christmas: It’s not a pattern often associated with this time of year, but this harlequin table and its spicy brass elements easily translate into holiday cheer. (via Griottes)


25. All Together Now: A great place to end this list is with a table that combines everything we’ve mentioned: a splash of whimsy, gold and rustic elements plus the classic symbols of Christmas. It’s everything we’ve dreamed of for a holiday celebration. (Photo via Park Road Photography)

When’s your big dinner? We’d love to hear how you’re going to decorate your table and see pictures of the final product. Show us in the comments!