Given that we love all things tech-meets-home, we had to pass along these three geek chic concepts for your interiors.

First up, the @ coat hook (sale: $28). What's so clever about it is that you can use the inside of the "a" as storage for keys and small items, while the rest of the hook is perfect for hanging coats, scarves or umbrellas.

Next, a piece of art. This incredibly intricate wire "@" sculpture by Larry Kagan is made by assembling squiggly pieces of wire in a way that creates a very recognizable image when the light hits the wire just right. Love shadow art? See more clever shadow concepts.

And finally, perhaps the geekiest, most pun-filled, bottle opener. If you've used a computer for more than a few months, you probably know that the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+O" is used to "open" a file or folder. But this handy little tool proves CTRL+O can also be used to pop open a beer. And, it's available for just $15 on Fab. Just remember, there's no CTRL+Z once you've had too many drinks ;)

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