Happy National Hummus Day, chickpea-lovers (and non-chickpea hummus lovers for that matter!). Granted, you could celebrate with any one of our tasty but unconventional hummus recipes (which you should definitely do), but why not also enjoy a few minutes (or, like, all day) with the Hot Dudes and Hummus Instagram account while thanking the internet for such delicious delights and sights.

Created by four university students in Isreal, Betty Ilovici, Orly Geduld, Ayala Lesser and Israel Zari, according to Cosmo, their intention was to “create an apolitical branding campaign for Israel to shed some light on the humor, diversity, fun, beauty, and culture that are so vibrant and rich in this country.” They figured that they “could appeal to a wide audience by following a trend,” (referring to accounts like Hot Dudes Reading and #MenandCoffee, not to mention Hot Dudes With Dogs), “Hence the creation of Hot Dudes and Hummus — Israel’s yummiest.” Yummy, indeed!

Thanks to the account, we’re treated with hot dudes eating hummus together, sticking their fingers in the creamy dip and then licking it off. Oh my!

Just feast your eyes on those biceps — I mean, hummus. Goodness!

You’ll want to lay barefoot in the grass and watch the sun set with this pita and dip.

This solo hummus-eater seems to be asking, “Would you like to share some of my delicious hummus with me?” The answer is heck yes!

Double the hummus and smoldering eyes? We’re in.

And more abs… and hummus. Don’t mind if we do!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via @hotdudesandhummus)