We all deal with breakups in different ways, coping however is best for us individually. While Taylor Swift mends her broken heart after breaking up with Tom Hiddleston, she could easily hide away in one of her luxe homes or dash off to an exotic locale to soak up some healing sun. But instead, Taylor鈥檚 decided that (on top of heartwarming good deeds) it鈥檚 time with her gals that she鈥檚 needs.

Taylor Swift

鈥淚t was a very emotion-filled time [they] spent together,鈥 an insider told E! News, adding, 鈥淚t was a very fast and heavy relationship.鈥 Being a short relationship doesn鈥檛 always make it easier to get over, especially if was a particularly intense or 鈥渉eavy鈥 hookup. But Taylor is holding her own. 鈥淪he is doing OK. Tom and her at times were on two different pages.鈥

Taylor Swift _ girlsquad

It makes sense, then, that Taylor is taking solace in those who are on the same page as she is: her friends. Spotted around NYC since the split, Taylor has been side-by-side with various close gals who are surely helping Tay through her latest breakup. 鈥淪he is hanging with her girls for emotional support and friendship. She has a close set of women around her.鈥

So may reasons having an A+ #girlsquad is the best.

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(h/t E!; photos via Mark Davis, Jason Merritt/Getty)