Obviously, you’re never too old to have a stocking. Not only are DIY stockings super fun, but stocking stuffers are like the cherry on top of the big ticket tech item you put under the tree. But you shouldn’t be penalized for not having a mantel for said stockings. Santa may have to do a little extra work, but you’ve been so good this year that he won’t mind. From the staircase to the bedroom to ever-hipster branch decor, here are 10 DIY options to get those stockings hung with care ASAP.

1. DIY Copper Stocking Rack: If you’re not thrilled about putting nails into the wall, hang stockings on this stylish rack. Bonus: When the holidays are over, you can reuse it as a blanket rack. (via Poppytalk)

2. DIY Holiday Stocking Board: Put those gorgeous stockings you made front and center by hanging them next to the tree on this DIY hanging rack. (via Lolly Jane)

3. Hanging Shelf: Laundry schmaundry. Put clothespins to good use by stringing up the stockings along a piece of rope. (via The Golden Sycamore)

4. Faux Mantel: Create a festive vignette with banners, mini tabletop trees and stockings hung right on the cabinet drawers. (via The Faux Martha)

5. DIY Modern Monogram Stocking Hanger: This DIY is easy enough for the kids to help. Let them decorate their own initial or spell out something merry. (via Fabric Paper Glue)

6. Branch Stocking Display: You can totally do this with a branch from your own backyard. Just make sure you pick a hefty one if you’re planning on filling those stockings with lots of goodies. (via The Merrythought)

7. In Front of the TV: Dress up the media center with your favorite stockings. Since they’re right in reach of little hands, you just might have to wait to fill them with goodies. (via Honey We’re Home)

8. In the Bedroom: Are you expecting to be woken up at 5am by eager stocking openers? Give yourself an extra few minutes to sleep by hanging the stockings right in the bedroom. (via Coco + Kelley)

9. Bookcase Mantel: Set up the stocking station on the bookcase with weighted stocking holders. (via The Happy Flammily)

10. DIY Ladder Stocking Holder: This DIY stocking holder is attractive and sturdy enough to handle all the loot. After the holidays you can hang other decor on it or hide it away in a tight space. (via Home Depot)

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