Using nature as art gives your abode an organic and homey feel. Maybe you’ve collected branches during your summer adventures, or perhaps you’re just looking to incorporate a more eco-friendly aspect into your home. Either way, these 24 unique ways to decorate with branches will bring the outdoors inside, and there’s no green thumb required. Whether you prefer an earthy, neutral style or a more classic, polished look, we’ve found the best branch decor ideas out there.

1. Indie Wedding: We are always in awe of neon creations, so it’s only natural that we noticed what a fabulous job this pink branch does accenting a gorgeous wedding table. (via Ruffled)

2. Curly Branches: Sometimes all it takes is an interesting branch or twig in a big, glass vase to act as a statement piece for your coffee table or side table. (via Skonahem)

3. Poster Bed: You’ll be dreaming of a woodland fairytale in this pretty four-poster bed made from birch trees. (via Houzz)

4. Natural Chandelier: Perfect for a rustic wedding or summer get-together on your patio, this pretty chandelier is as easy as tying little lights or candles to the branches. (via Ruffled)

5. Twig Shelving: Screw whole branches right into the wall to create a precious, fairytale bedroom or rustic vignette. (via Antique Home Decor)

6. Closet Space: Struggling to find some storage for your summer wardrobe? Try painting a hefty branch any color you want and hanging it from the ceiling. (via Susan Astray)

7. Modern Rustic: This awesomely geometric birch light really pulls an unexpected, natural element into this contemporary Swedish home. (via Urban Curator)

8. 3D Wall Art: Try decorating with manzanita branches for a fun, twisty look that boasts some pretty red accents. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

9. Artistic Elements: We love these oversized agates paired with a thick, twisty tree branch. The vase filled with freshly cut, winding twigs adds a whole other dimension of texture, too. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

10. Salvaged Pieces: Focus on earthy beauty with natural elements. This dresser looks ultra rustic outfitted with twisted tree roots and a lamp made from driftwood. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

11. Pendant Light: Branch lighting doesn’t have to be as fancy as a chandelier. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to put a few nails in the wall to achieve a look that is uniquely yours. (via Design Sponge)

12. DIY Hooks: Make a whole row of these crafty hooks for hanging everything from mugs to jewelry. (via Homedit)

13. Bedside Forest: Talk about a statement piece! This dramatic wall of branches looks incredible next to the all-natural plank headboard. (via Christopher Stark)

14. Nursery Decor: Pompoms and yarn-wrapped sticks make a creative piece of art for a little girl’s room or craft studio. (via Jen Loves Kev)

15. Crystal Chandelier: Hang crystals from a branch for a glamorous, light-reflecting statement over your dining room table. (via Belgian Pearls)

16. Structural Element: Bring the outdoors in… for real! Having a “tree” in your house is an unexpected and enjoyable way to decorate. (via Studio Krishka)

17. Driftwood Accents: The rough, driftwood mirror and lamp are an ideal pair, especially on a side table made from similar wood. (via Wunderweib)

18. Towel Rack: Driftwood goes from sculptural to functional when suspended underneath a shelf as a handy towel rack. (via Martha Stewart)

19. Parallel Lines: This gray branch brings a fun texture into this otherwise modern room, while fitting right in with the monochromatic color palette. (via In The Fun Lane)

20. Branch Bouquets: These small bouquets of painted branches look stellar when paired with bright flowers. We see this making a fab centerpiece at a wedding or garden party. (via Sitting In A Tree)

21. Branch Ladder: Who knew an expanded and exposed closet could be so gorgeous? (via At Home In Love)

22. Jewelry Tree: DIY this branch-style jewelry tree with a cement base. Add a touch of gold to finish off a delicate and unique hanger that’ll show off all your bling. (via Camille Styles)

23. Painted Hooks: This painted branch looks so good on its own! It’s a great addition to a bare wall, and the yarn color blocking can be coordinated to match any color scheme. (via Brit + Co)

24. Birch Headboards: These birch trees were mounted in the floor for incredible headboards and footboards that reflect the rustic wood paneling in this chic cabin. (via Houzz)

Do any of these projects inspire you to go gather some branches? Let us know how you bring the outdoors inside in the comments below or on Facebook.