If you and your significant other share a love for all things Harry Potter, why not consider tying the knot with an epic Harry Potter-themed wedding? With some DIY touches, plenty of wands and a Snitch or two here and there, you can have the *magical* wedding that you’ve always dreamed of. Hold on tight to your witch hats and get ready for an epic ride through these inspiring Harry Potter-themed wedding ideas. Scroll on for all the deets!


1. Temporary Tattoos: Rock a pair of matching tattoos with your dearly beloved or let your guests in on the fun with this wedding favor idea. From charming spell incantations to the edgier Dark Mark, temporary tattoos are just what’s needed to step up your Harry Potter wedding game. (via Candice Benjamin Photography / Offbeat Bride)


2. Flying Keys: String up winged-keys using clear nylon string for a dreamy hanging installation. For more variety, add hanging envelopes to signify the Hogwarts acceptance letters your guests always wished they received. (via Livia Photos / Kara’s Party Ideas)


3. Potions Centerpiece: Use vintage glass bottles, water and food coloring to create a collection of “potions” for your table centerpieces. Slap on DIY labels and give the bottles an elevated look by mounting them on top of a textbook. (via Myles Katherine Photography / The Huffington Post)


4. Head Boy Boutonniere: Have your better half follow in Percy Weasley’s footsteps with a Head Boy boutonniere he’ll feel just as smug about. As for the groomsmen, go with matching Prefect badges. (via Let’s Frolic Together / Wedding Chicks)


5. Wedding Program: No worries if animated programs inspired by the Daily Prophet aren’t available. Instead, use the wonky layout of the wizarding newspaper to inspire your programs. (via Abby Grace Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)


6. Sorting Hat Escort Cards: This wedding idea is bound to get a good laugh from guests acquainted with the HP tradition. Set up a humble Sorting Ceremony of your own by placing a tattered witch hat on the table next to your escort cards. (via Courtney Bowlden Photography / Seattle Bride)


7. Chair Decor: Inspired by Severus Snape’s touching confession of having “always” loved Harry’s mother, decorate the backs of the newlywed chairs with matching “Always” and “Forever” signs. The decor detail won’t fall short of touching the hearts of your Harry Potter-obsessed friends. (via Chris Isham / Style Me Pretty)


8. Snitch Earrings: If flaunting a giant witch hat is out of the picture, rep your adoration for Harry Potter in a more subdued way. Stay classy with a dainty pair of Snitch-inspired earrings. The delicate detail will pair with whatever dress style you choose in the end. (via Myles Katherine Photography / The Huffington Post)


9. Wedding Guest Book: Rather than going the traditional wedding guest book route, go with what Hogwarts students would’ve likely used — a roll of parchment paper. Bust out that quill and ink set and let guests have their fun! (via Abby Grace Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)


10. Ferrero RocherSnitches: Harry Potter came close to swallowing one so it’s only fitting to turn these guys into an edible form. Using gold glitter paper, cut out wings and glue them onto the sides of Ferrero Rochers for a similar look. (via Courtney Bowlden Photography / Seattle Bride)


11. Ceremony Backdrop: As if the ceremony itself isn’t emotional enough, you’ll guarantee waterworks with this meaningful backdrop idea inspired by Severus Snape’s confessed “Always.” Be advised, you might want to stock up on tissue boxes for guests! (via Chris Isham / Style Me Pretty)


12. Save the Date: Model your save the date after the Marauder’s Map for an intricate design. Otherwise, look to Hogwarts acceptance letters as a good template for your wedding invitations. (via Let’s Frolic Together / Wedding Chicks)


13. Mani: For brides who are all about the tiniest details, a Harry Potter-inspired mani is a must. If you’re on board with nail art inspired by the books, you can easily DIY with nail decals easily found on Etsy. (via Kelly Clarke and Garreth Cattermole/Getty / Bustle)


14. Escort Cards: There’s no need for a Sorting Ceremony if you use escort cards that display each guest’s house/table. Coordinate the colors of your reception tables to reflect your guests’ respective seats. (via Candice Benjamin Photography / Offbeat Bride)


15. Dobby’sSocks: When planning an epic themed wedding, it all comes down to the details. Have the groomsmen channel Dobby with fun, wizarding socks, whether they be inspired by Hogwart’s houses or flying snitches. (via Myles Katherine Photography / The Huffington Post)


16. Luggage: Luggage may be the surprise decor you didn’t know your venue needed. Display piles of vintage suitcases to evoke the feeling of going on a *magical* journey. (via Abby Grace Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)


17. Azkaban Wanted Poster Photo Booth: An Azkaban wanted poster is a must-have for any HP-inspired photo booth. Throw in a pair of Harry’s glasses, a Hogwarts house scarf and plenty of wands to complete the look. (via Let’s Frolic Together / Wedding Chicks)


18. Drinks: Challenge the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with an impressive array of wizarding drinks that go well beyond the traditional Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice. For an even cooler touch, add small pieces of dry ice to your drinks for a hazy fog reminiscent of freshly concocted potions. (via Steve Lee Photography / Country Living)


19. Wedding Cake: You can’t have the ultimate Harry Potter wedding without an epic wedding cake to match. Whatever cake designs you come up with, there’s always the option to top it off with mini Harry Potter Lego pieces like this couple did. (via KellyClarke and Garreth Cattermole/Getty / Bustle)


20. Great Hall Dinner Table: Turn to the Great Hall to inspire the setup of your reception tables. If you want to show the distinction between houses, simply coordinate guests’ napkins to reflect their house colors. (via Photosmith / Offbeat Bride)

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