We’ve all been there. It’s halfway through the afternoon, and you realize that you’ve downed a couple lattes but only had a few sips of precious H2O. Whether it’s forgetting to stay hydrated or not knowing how to properly replenish the much-needed fluids that you lost during your morning spin class, water is an important part of a proper diet and health regimen. Lucky for us, a team of thirsty dudes invented a new device to help us know when to wet our whistle.

The Hug was created by Caktus as a “personal hydration coach.” It consists of a sensor band and companion app. The Hug not only reminds you when to drink but syncs with FitBit and RunKeeper to take your exercise regimen into account for proper rehydration after those intense sweat sessions.

The Hug sensor fits around most bottles, so you can get your fill of apple-infused water or orange rosemary water from your favorite container. Plus, The Hug uses motion sensors and algorithms to track your water intake. All of the data syncs with the app to let you know when to drink up.

After a year in NYC developing their prototype, the team has returned home to Finland and launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their idea to life.

We think a tech-tool to help us stay hydrated throughout our day is a pretty stellar idea. And if you pitch in $65, you can have your own The Hug sensor with USB cable, plus free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Is proper hydration worth the investment to you? Talk to us in the comments below after you chug 8oz!