If ever there was a DIY season, this would be it. People have time off, ovens are on full force and there are so many cozy things left to be knitted! To get some inspiration for much-needed holiday chill time, we looked at what people were up to in the #imadethis department of Instagram. Bet you can’t make it through this post without wanting to make something. Ready? Go!

1. Braised Chicken with Kale and Lemon: This just in: Another one-pot wonder to add to your to-make list. (via @bonniemo)

2. Winter Flower Arrangement: If this ‘grammer could make this gorgeous arrangement after only a 10-minute crash course, imagine what you could do with a full session of flower knowledge. (via @josefinehr)

3. Pinecone Garland: So easy, yet so lovely. Dip some in gold paint for an extra boost of glamour. (via @sheabehr)

4. Home Book: Books are one of our favorite art mediums, and this is the kind of creation that could make a great gift. (via @kay_days421)

5. Holiday Dress: Can’t find the perfect Christmas dress? Sew your own! (via @kachst)

6. Dream Catcher Wreath: Aka, our perfect decoration — we’re definitely whipping up one of these this weekend. (via @tawnisagrafena)

7. Cinnamon Stick Candles: This is one of the simplest, most aromatic crafts around. (via @niceneen)

8. Chocolate Dipping Spoons: These have “sweet stocking stuffer” written all over them. (via @sarahscotland)

9. Harry Potter Needlepoint: This would be a perfect gift for at least 10 people on our list. (via @jennycitino)

10. Chocolate Stars: Those cookie cutters are no longer just for cookies. (via @marja_koo)

11. Baby Blanket: It’s time to finish those crocheting projects you started but never finished. (via @rouwhaaksma)

12. Infinity Scarf: Nothing feels so warm and cozy as an infinity scarf — to gift or to keep. (via @overtheheadthreads)

13. Christmas Cards: We love a good hand-drawn card, and these are really next-level kind of stuff. (via @yellowoaktree)

14. Christmas Star: This was made as a tree topper (and a great one at that) but we think it would also make a perfect present topper. (via @emma.ostergaard)

15. Cork Tree Ornament: Put your cork collection to good use with a little tree ornament that’s easily made with an Xacto knife and some glue. (via @imperfectionsarebeuaty)

16. Tardis Beanie: Okay, the pop culture beanie contest is over. This is clearly the winner. (via @cerulaii)

17. Ornament Wreath: We love the monochrome approach here. Hoard a bunch of decorations in one color and get to gluing. (via @simalouako)

18. Rainbow Sweater: Get it, girl. That is totally a sweater worth being stoked about. (via @rmcermak)

19. Nutella Bread: This. Looks. Amazing. It’s two of our favorite things in one. (via @rosewoodsblog)

What are you making this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!