Look, we know the last thing you want right now is someone telling you that the freezing cold weather is actually good for you. But hear us out. Ice and cold can help you refresh your face, reduce puffiness and improve your hair and skin. We’re not asking you to go out and do a polar dip. Here are eight simple and pain-free ways you can incorporate cold into your beauty routine.


1. Lavender Face Massage: For a soothing and cool massage, wrap ice cubes in a soft towel along with a few dabs of lavender essential oil. Gently massage your face and neck before bed for a simple pampering session. (via Hello Natural)


2. Chamomile Facial: Soothing chamomile tea isn’t only good for calming your state of mind. Combined with ice, it’s the ultimate relaxing facial; just rub one over your skin for a soothing massage. (via Fashion Rolla)

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3. Green Tea Facial: Where chamomile calms, green tea rejuvenates and reinvigorates. Bonus: It reduces the size of pores and takes down morning puffiness. (via The Wallflower)


4. Ease the Tweeze: If you dread the thought of giving your eyebrows some maintenance, adding an ice cube could help. The cold reduces swelling and acts as a pain reliever after a rough go. (via Hello Natural)


5. Chilly Fingers: Searching for the perfect way to ace a fast manicure and get it to stick? Dunk your fingers in cold water to freeze-dry your polish and seal in perfection. (via Delia Creates)


6. Ultimate Ice Facial: Our gal LC is a big fan of the ice facial’s skin enhancing benefits. Extremely cold temps can reduce wrinkles, firm up the skin and even improve circulation. If shelling out the money for a professional face-freezing treatment isn’t in the cards for you, try starting your days by splashing ice water onto your face. (via Lauren Conrad)


7. Fresh Cucumber Cleanser: Rinsing your face with cold water is great, but why not reduce the steps in your beauty routine and make the cleanser icy cold instead? This one has refreshing cucumber and skin-smoothing honey. (via Hello Natural)


8. Snag Shiny Hair: We know this is asking a lot, but ending your shower with a short cold water rinse can do wonders for improving the shininess and silkiness of your hair. (via Stylish Walks)

Ready to embrace the cold? Do you use any of these tricks at home? Let us know in the comments below.