Attention Art History buffs and modern-day affordable furniture enthusiasts. Apparently everyone’s favorite superstore is giving out home decor tips that kick it old school. Like super old school. Like from the year 1650. Cecilia Azcarate’s Tumblr is taking us WAY back by mashing up Renaissance art and the sleek, modern furnishings of IKEA to bring you IKEA b4-XVI. Yep, the creator of the hip-hop/Renaissance art mashup B4-XVI decided to take it to the house and feature home goods instead of rappers. Just like the knickknacks and gadgets we pick up while ambling through the aisles of the Swedish furniture store, this Tumblr is something we didn’t know we had to have ’til we saw it. Cecilia takes pre-16th century art and matches them up with everyday products you can find for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or dining room — just to bring a touch of old-world, old-school class to your home decor.

This mustard patterned rug is fit for royalty.

A bed frame fit for the most luxurious slumber? Count us in!

Can’t forget to grab a storage chest to stash toys, cushions and blankets — or creepy gargoyle-bat creatures, who are up to no good.

We love an IKEA shelf to display our most prized possessions.

Nothing like pink curtains to zshush up a space.

They say cleanliness is close to godliness — even cherubs gotta keep it so fresh and so cleanclean.

Please, Cecilia, may we have some more?

It’s easy to see why Cecilia Azcarate‘s desktop is so full of images! Her juxtaposition of modern Swedish furnishings and Nederlandish + Spanish pre-1650s art can’t be beat.

Let us know how you plan on bringing in touches of the Renaissance with Ikea products in your living space — and remember tag us on Twitter and Instagram @britandco!