Dream jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s heading up a breastfeeding company, working alongside awesome coworkers who make you healthy and happy or doing work that’s meaningful, finding contentment at work is a personal mission. For the folks working in these 10 office spaces, we imagine staying focused and energized isn’t particularly challenging surrounded by gorgeous inspiration everywhere you turn (literally!).


1. Etsy, Brooklyn, NY: Quirky, artistic and thoughtful. These three adjectives describe Etsy’s home offices as much as they do the online commerce site’s handmade and vintage offerings. Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters features site-specific installations from Etsy artists, a 500-person Etsytorium, living green walls and an entire floor dedicated to crafting! Forget working. When can we move in? (Photo via Hanna Alvgren/Etsy)


2. Airbnb, San Francisco, CA: When comfort and hospitality are your business’s bread and butter, it’s no surprise your offices are just as cool and cushy. Airbnb’s recently renovated San Francisco offices pay homage to their global expansion and the various types of lodging the company hosts. This means tented meeting rooms, log cabin offices and modern cafes typical of places like Brooklyn, Mumbai, Cairo, Rio, Shanghai and Johannesburg. (Photo via Jeremy Bittermann /WRNS Studio)


3. Glossier, New York, NY: Emily Weiss knows a thing or two about packaging. We’re obsessed with the playful, minimalist pink and white color scheme that accompanies each cult product Glossier introduces. The same attention to aesthetic detail holds true for the Glossier offices, situated in the heart of Soho, with its white-washed walls, ubiquitous mood boards and uber chic furniture. (Photo via Claire Esparros for Home Polish)


4. Pandora, Chicago, IL: Nothing tugs at the musical heartstrings like a John Hughes soundtrack (16 Candles, anyone?!). It’s this 1980s musical nostalgia that informs the Pandora HQ in Chicago. The recently redesigned space features bright splashes of neon, conference rooms named Wham and Bananarama, old-school phone booths that act as modern charging stations and a light-up dance floor inspired by the “Billie Jean” music video. Don’t worry, Pandora. We won’t go forgetting about you anytime soon. (Photo via Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing for Eastlake Studio)


5. Campbell Ewald, Detroit, MI: An ad agency may have an upper hand when it comes to design, but the way the Campbell Ewald agency worked with local architecture firm Neumann/Smith to transform a formerly vacant building in downtown Detroit shows exceptional skill and talent. The open-plan interior seamlessly blends industrial elements, natural components and a touch of whimsy for something wholly sophisticated and sexy. (Photo via Justin Maconochie /Neumann/Smith Architecture)


6. URBN, Philadelphia, PA: Their expansive Navy Yard campus houses the offices for the three major URBN brands: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. In news that surprises absolutely no one, the inside of these buildings are dreamy intersections of boho and industrial, modern and retro. Greenery, art installations, vintage textiles and handmade furniture are haphazardly-on-purpose placed throughout the airy, bright, refurbished factory buildings in a way that undoubtedly fosters serious creative juices (and our closets can prove it!). (Photo via MSR Design)

7. Dropbox, San Francisco, CA: With meeting rooms named “the breakup room” and “the romance chamber,” it’s obvious Dropbox isn’t playing around when it comes to playing around. The entire office is divided into private, semi-public and public meeting and working spaces so that individual employees can switch up their environment to stay productive and inspired. In addition to the aforementioned meeting rooms, there’s also a pink-carpeted conference room that’s meant to mimic an Italian opera house, a neon-lit presentation room and an open, mirrored space with plenty of light and greenery. (Photo via Boor Bridges)


8. Epic Systems, Verona, WI: Epic Systems is a medical software manufacturer based in the Midwest — not exactly the sexiest title in the world, but do they ever make up for it with their office design. There’s a hallway built to resemble an NYC subway car, a waterfall in the cafeteria, a conference room housed in a legit treehouse and a medieval drawbridge connecting the campus. It’s inspired, thoughtful and designed to guarantee five stars on the employee satisfaction surveys. (Photo via Cuningham Group)


9. littleBits, New York, NY: This creative company makes technology kits for kids — basically, they make coding, engineering and programming fun for the next generation. This obviously already makes them cool enough, but their Chelsea loft office space is next-level awesome. There are swings in the conference room, a chalkboard wall in the working space, particle board appliances in the kitchen and colorful mod furniture in the seating areas. It’s playful, chic and totally envy-inducing. (Photo via MCDC)


10. Evernote, Redwood City, CA: Modern without being trendy, understated without being boring, the list-making app’s HQ is a beautiful, peaceful place to work. Mid-century modern furniture, natural details, floor-to-ceiling windows and unique art pieces catapult this zenned-out workspace onto our lust list for sure. (Photo via Studio O + A)

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(Featured photo via MSR Design)