Rainbow foods may feed your Lisa Frank-loving soul, but a *darker* trend in activated charcoal FOODS may actually detoxify your body. Charcoal鈥檚 super absorbing properties help it soak up toxins in the body for speedy elimination, so swallowing a tablet a day has become a popular detox hack. Some folks even take it as digestive aid or to prevent or cure a hangover. It鈥檚 become a popular food ingredient in Japan 鈥 so trendy that Burger King actually rolled out a black Whopper and IKEA launched a black weiner there. The trend has been gaining steam on Instagram since last year鈥檚 black ice cream craze and now it鈥檚 busting out at coffee bars everywhere. Here are 12 Instagrammers making *charcoal lattes* look like the drink of the cool kids.

1. Double Black: Make your next morning cuppa extra bold, with a shot of detoxifying charcoal.

2. Morning Close-Up: You can almost taste the charcoal-y steam rising from this java shot.

3. DIY of the Day: You can *def* make your own charcoal latte at home. Steam your milk in a saucepan, then whisk it to a proper tasty froth before taking the first perfect sip.

4. Joe to Go: Eating brekkie on the run? No problema; you can get yours to go.

5. Lunch Break: Charcoal latte鈥檚 not just for breakfast. It will help you digest that sammy you barely have time to scarf between meetings.

6. Love Match: Coconut charcoal latte meets beetroot latte for a perfect Insta-worthy pairing.

7. Drink the Rainbow: Matcha, charcoal, beetroot, and turmeric. We鈥檒l have one of each, puh-lease!

8. Skull Bender: What鈥檚 cooler than a charcoal black latte? A charcoal latte served in a seriously cool cup.

9. Barista Artista: Break out that VSCO Cam. These lattes are real works of art.

10. Charcoal Sketch: Calling all Hollywood Golden Age aficionados! Here鈥檚 Marilyn鈥檚 likeness, captured in charcoal鈥 for the next few minutes.

11. Hangover Help: Sip your charcoal along WITH your crazy rum drinks on Saturday, and you鈥檒l be the only one NOT wearing your sunglasses on Sunday.

12. Triple Play: You鈥檙e looking at two rose lattes (espresso, almond milk, and rose water) and a charcoal-cashew latte (espresso, cashew milk, and charcoal). What a way to start the day!

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