Just like with iPhone rumors, another week always brings a new set of emoji聽around here.聽Which, BTW is totally fine with us ;) While we were pretty pumped about the release of IKEA鈥檚 emoji app last week, this week we are being presented with a聽new group of emoticons and they have us (internally) squealing.


If you ever feel like there鈥檚 just not a proper emoji piece to get your social anxiety about a house party across or the together-alone feeling you have with your partner, you no longer have to internalize those vibes. Designer Rebecca Lynch is solving the introspective communication problem with her set of icons, Introji: Emoticons for Introverts. With symbols ranging from drowning + feeling flat to out of sync + complex thinking, these speak the INFP鈥檚聽language perfectly.


Rebecca told The Guardianthatshe created Introji out of necessity for her conversations,聽鈥淚n my relationships and friendships, I use text messages with emoji, but often find myself reaching for a symbol that isn鈥檛 there. So I started making Introji, as an easier visual way to tell a loved one or friend that you need more time and space.鈥

While there isn鈥檛 a keyboard filled with these chilled out聽emoji ATM, you can always save all the icons to your phone鈥檚 camera roll and use them just like you would with reg emoji (like we鈥檙e currently doing). Now get to expressing your internalized thoughts to your friends ASAP.

Will you be using Introji to express your introverted feelings? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t聽Refinery29, photos via Introji Facebook)