While some of us may still be rooting for snarky Angela to hook up with dweeby Dwight, the former Office star has her own love story happening IRL. Revealing that she’s just become engaged, Angela Kinsey is showing off a somewhat non-traditional engagement ring. Although diamonds are the usual choice — anything from minimalist diamond engagement rings to the whopper diamond ring that Cara Delevingne is wearing these days — if you’re willing to go for a somewhat different and totally stunning choice, emerald engagement rings can bring a touch of color to your symbol of evergreen love, which is just what Angela’s fella opted for.

Posting the happy pic to her Instagram account, Angela revealed the story behind the sweet proposal. “#tbt to earlier this week. We were going out to dinner and my daughter said that first she wanted to show me the fort in the backyard that she and my boyfriend’s sons had been working on. She led me outside and there was a blanket by the pool and she said I had to sit on it.” This is already just so adorable.

She continued, saying, “His sons brought me flowers and then he came around the corner with a ring. He had called my mom and asked for her blessing…that would have made my Dad so happy. He proposed and I said yes…The kids made me cards and pictures and I cried. I cried that happy ugly cry. #gonnagethitched.”

And why an emerald? “The ring is an emerald…all three of our kids’ birthstone.” Love, love, love!

44-year-old Angela and 38-year-old Josh rarely make appearances on her Instagram account, but when they do, they certainly make a super-cute couple.

Congratulations, Angela and Josh!

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(h/t People; photos via Kevin Winter/Getty)