We鈥檙e all sophisticated, smart and talented women over here who really appreciate art and culture. That being said, sometimes we just want to watch hot dudes shaking what their mamas gave them. Magic Mike XXL has all the fun (read: abs) of Magic Mike without any of the trifling details, like plot. There鈥檚 also 100% less full frontal which is either a blessing or a curse, we鈥檒l let you decide.


The boys are back in town in this new movie and truth be told, they鈥檙e better than ever. This flick touches on (more like 鈥済rinds sensually on鈥) themes of self discovery. As each dude finds his mojo (spoiler: Joe Manganiello is a huge Backstreet Boys fan) they become more lovable. Still, the real hero of this movie isn鈥檛 one of them. It鈥檚 Jada Pinkett Smith.

The notorious JPS plays Rome, a dancer from Mike鈥檚 past who has since gone on to become a mogul with a giant house full of hot dudes. Rome helps Mike + Co get to Myrtle Beach for their stripper convention and ultimately saves the group by becoming their emcee. We鈥檙e not sure what thetan level you have to get to to get to chill out with gyrating guys and get paid for it but we鈥檙e definitely thinking more serious about the benefits of Scientology after watching her performance. Here鈥檚 why JPS stole the show.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Magic Mike XXL." - Arrivals

Magic Mike XXL spoilers ahead but don鈥檛 worry we won鈥檛 reveal the twist ending. JK, everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

She girl bossed all over the place: Mike quits the stripping game and starts making (really ugly) furniture and not a lot of money. Rome quits and starts an empire that includes a subscription party business run out of her kick a** mansion filled with the aforementioned smoking hot dudes.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Magic Mike XXL" - Red Carpet

She supports other women: When writing a strong female character the impulse too often is to make them hard and competitive with other women. JPS don鈥檛 play that. Rome鈥檚 whole business model focuses on making women happy and encouraging them. She refers to all the women who come to her as Queens and insist they demand the worship they deserve and embrace their inner beauty. We kind of want her to follow us around all day and pump us up when we get tired at work. 鈥淗ey there, queen,鈥 she鈥檇 say. 鈥淚 know you feel bad because you ate all the donuts in the break room and you can鈥檛 think about what to write but you are a goddess inside so you better work it.鈥 And then Matt Bomer would come dance on us. We鈥檇 be fine with that.

She encourages people to follow their dreams: Donald Glover plays one of Rome鈥檚 house dancers in the movie but his specialty is rapping about the women who come in (shout out to Caroline who, when asked what her favorite thing was, said 鈥渁lcohol鈥). He says Rome encouraged him to bring his passion for music into his work and helped him make his debut album. We would watch a whole movie of JPS mentoring Donald Glover through his music career (but then again we鈥檇 watch Donald Glover do A LOT of things).


Her fashion is on point: We thought fedoras were just for jerk dudes on the internet but JPS proved us woefully wrong. Homegirl rocks all kinds of looks that we want to steal. A pink power suit? Yes please! Sparkly black tuxedo vest? We鈥檙e there! She manages to look powerful even in a white teddy and rocks masculine looks with uber femme touches. She proves that you can radiate power even in pink. Feel inspired? Try these cool menswear inspired looks for women.

A relationship is not the end goal: Another strong female character trope that we see over and over again is a powerful business woman who just needs the right man to soften her. None of that happens here. Sure JPS clearly had a thing for Mike back in the day (um hello, who wouldn鈥檛?) but she doesn鈥檛 spend a second of the film pining after him. Instead she makes him cut the BS and be straight with her about what he needs and then makes him work for her support. Actually, as a whole, this movie has almost no romantic subplots which is oddly refreshing and progressive given that it鈥檚 also a movie where people wear bejeweled thongs.

Magic Mike XXL Amsterdam Premiere

Objectification: The main appeal of the whole Magic Mike franchise is that it鈥檚 a movie where MEN get objectified for once. This movie is made completely with the female gaze in mind (except for one errant shot of Amber Heard鈥檚 nipple through her shirt which we assume was the filmmaker鈥檚 way of throwing a bone to any boyfriend who got dragged to the theater).

JPS takes full advantage of this. In her first scene of the movie a large dude let鈥檚 Mike into the bedroom and there鈥檚 JPS in lingerie. In ANY other movie Mike would be there to talk to the dude kingpin who鈥檇 swat JPS on the butt and be like 鈥渂eat it, sweetheart, the men are talking鈥 but in this movie the roles are totally reversed and a woman does the butt swatting (THIS IS WHAT SUSAN B. ANTHONY FOUGHT FOR). Later in the movie she makes Channing Tatum dance sexily to earn her respect, again a kind of scene we鈥檝e seen a lot from a male perspective. JPS takes control of these stereotypes, owns them and ends up on top.

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