Some celebs (understandably) prefer to keep their baby bumps under wraps — Keri Russell has kept things hidden since announcing she’s expecting, wearing only big coats and sweaters (and might we add looking amazing doing so). But sometimes, people just own it by getting ahead of the paparazzi game and revealing their pregnancy or growing bellies through their own means. Anne Hathaway did this recently via social media, and Hunger Games star Jena Malone is taking a page from Anne’s book with her own adorable pregnancy reveal.

jena malone

The actress revealed that she was expecting with this beautiful Instagram photo of her cradling her baby bump. It’s an ethereal snap — a polaroid, to be exact — taken by her “beautiful hearted baby daddy” (her words!), musician and producer Ethan DeLorenzo, and features a heartfelt and poetic caption she penned herself:

“Womb to womb / To beating wing / I climbed out of the eternal / And into the shape of me. Some words I wrote years ago when I was thinking about my own mother. And the woman she was when she had me. And the woman I was reaching to become. The shape your desires make out of you. The body you become to hold your dreams. It’s with two feet firmly on the ground and a heart swelling in an ocean of love that I’d like to share the new shape I am becoming to hold the greatest dream of them all. #babybump #newparents #impossibleproject Polaroid taken by my beautiful hearted baby daddy @uglyhippie”

“The greatest dream of them all.” Can you even?


Her “baby daddy” also posted this artsy photo of the actress in the woods with the caption: “My family. @jenamalone and my child to be.”

It’s all too adorable!

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(Photos via @jenamalone + @uglyhippie and Neilson Barnard/Getty)