If you鈥檙e not going on a Starbucks date for Valentine鈥檚 Day or think our creative V-Day date ideas just aren鈥檛 wild enough, we found another option for you: jetsetting for FREE. Yep, you can totally have a dream Valentine鈥檚 Day with your boo by flying private to *insert romantic city here* for a big, fat $0.00.


JetSmarter, essentially Uber for private jets, has a sweet promo for Valentine鈥檚 Day (Feb. 14 only, y鈥檃ll) to getaway for the weekend with your guy (or gal ;) Users of the JetSmarter app 鈥 available on iOS + Android 鈥 can book empty legs to X destination for free. Well, there is a required US government segment fee of $4 per person, but essentially free.


We鈥檙e sure you鈥檙e thinking, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the catch? There鈥檚 no way I can fly somewhere for free, this is total BS!鈥 Here鈥檚 how the promo works: After downloading the app, head to the settings tab to add whatever cities you鈥檙e dreaming of spending a romantic day in into the 鈥淔requent Locations鈥 tab so you can get push notifications on empty jets to those destinations. You gotta act fast, free doesn鈥檛 come easy. Then, if you鈥檙e successful in booking the flight, you + your Valentine/Galentine will be jetting off out of your city. See ya later breakfast in bed.


Oh, there is one *minor* catch that you鈥檙e gonna want to know. Since this promo is good on V-Day only, you鈥檒l have to pay to get back to your hometown (unless you successfully book two flights in one day). So don鈥檛 travel too far for that romantic getaway unless you鈥檙e planning to go all out and spend that cash on a one-way route back to reality.

Will you be taking advantage of this jetsetting Valentine鈥檚 Day promo? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t The Daily Dot, photos via JetSmarter Facebook)