We all have our favorite cocktail (wait鈥 does ros茅 count?) but what about a trademark juice? If you find yourself constantly debating between beet-ginger and carrot-apple at your local juice counter, holding up the line and somehow still managing to pick the wrong thing, maybe you should try choosing your juice based on your horoscope . We鈥檙e sharing 12 juice recipes specific to each astrological sign that鈥檒l bring out your divine qualities.



1. Carrot Apple Ginger Juice : The quintessential fire sign, Aries are fiercely independent leaders with an impulsive streak, so this ginger-heavy juice will be a sure winner for the Ram. Plus it has awesome anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin look bright and healthy, which will only increase that natural-born confidence. (via gi365 )



2.V3 Tomato Cucumber Juice : Taurus is loyal and dependable with a dash of sensuality. For a juice match that鈥檚 equally as fierce, this bell pepper and tomato with garlic and lemon combination is perfect for the sign that lives in the present. (via Martha Stewart )



3. Fennel, Mint and Spinach Juice : Geminis are all about the fun and imaginative things in life. For a juice to keep pace with the energetic Gemini, it has to be unique and creative. This fennel and mint juice is definitely both. While this combo may sound too out there for even the adventurous twin sign, it鈥檚 actually quite refreshing and bright. (via Tastes Lovely )



4. Berry, Watermelon and Ginger Juice : Sweet Cancers just want their friends to feel loved and nurtured, since this caring sign is incredibly responsive to others鈥 needs. This fruit-forward juice is naturally sweet because of the addition of ginger and avocado. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to keep joints feeling limber and skin fresh (a total Cancer move, right?). (via The Full Helping )



5. Power Potion : A Leo loves to drink in power 鈥 literally and metaphorically. The strong-willed sign needs an equally ambitious mid-afternoon snack to keep going. This antioxidant-packed beet and carrot juice will do exactly that. (via Serious Eats )



6. Spinach Pineapple : This spinach-based green juice is the perfect recipe for the responsible, reserved Virgo. No overpowering flavors or intense combinations here. This juice has just two simple ingredients: spinach and pineapple. (via Juicing Collection )



7. Green Juice : Balance-seeking Libra鈥檚 corresponding color is green, so this gorgeous green juice is meant to be. It has just the right amount of savory and sweet ingredients to keep the Libra鈥檚 healthy equilibrium in check. Kale, celery, apple and pineapple combine to create a truly cohesive cocktail. (via The Fettle Vegan )



8. Immunity Tonic : You want intense? Passionate and dynamic? Of course you do. You are a Scorpio after all! This Immunity Tonic will satisfy the Scorpio鈥檚 spirited streak with its spicy blend of citrus, turmeric, ginger and cayenne. Plus, it鈥檒l be sure to ward off any germs that could end up slowing fast-paced Scorpio down. (via Faring Well )



9. Apple Pomegranate : Always optimistic and enthusiastic, bright Sags deserve a juice that鈥檚 as bold and fun as they are. This pretty pink pomegranate juice is tartly sweet and perfect for a healthy boost of mid-day energy. (via Veg Recipes of India )



10. Classic Green Juice : Known to be hard-working and traditional, the Capricorn is all about a classic concoction they know they can always count on. This green juice with kale, cucumber, apple and cilantro is sure to be an immediate staple in the grounded Capricorn鈥檚 recipe book. (via Yummy Beet )



11. Sweet Potato, Apple, Ginger Juice : Another adventure-craving, originality-seeking sign, Aquarius isn鈥檛 content with the norm. Sweet potato provides an unusual element while apple and ginger keeps it from being too out there. (via taste, love and nourish )



12. Aloe Vera Orange Juice : With soothing aloe vera and nourishing orange, this juice has proven itself to be the liquid version of compassionate and thoughtful Pisces. The dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces will also appreciate the unusual combo of ingredients. Drinking aloe vera juice may feel strange, but it will leave the fish sign with super radiant skin. (via Rosalie Ruardy )

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