Just because we’re heading into a long weekend doesn’t mean we don’t have room for a fresh batch of innovation, courtesy of our friends at Kickstarter. This month’s picks run the gamut from kids to tech with a dose of futuristic cooking in between.

1. Pocketable Bluetooth Keyboard: First up, the idea of a Bluetooth keyboard isn’t anything new, but the pocket-sized-need of this little doodad definitely sets it apart. We love all the colors available and the fact that you can actually keep it in your pocket. Great for travel when you’re communicating solely from your phone but still need to write a few longer form emails.

2. Spiceologist Block: This piece of kitchenware is ready to make all your spice organization dreams come true. Sure, you’ve seen spice racks before. What makes this one notable is that each block holds 22 spices and you can easily set up multiple blocks side by side without destroying the aesthetic of your kitchen. If anything, this spices logout block just might take your kitchen design up a notch!

3. LÜM Interactive T-Shirts: Now this might be on the almost-too-futuristic side, but these t-shirts let you write on them using a laser pointer, your iPhone’s flash, or LED light. The shirt is made of rare earth elements that have photo impression capabilities. We don’t totally get it, but we’re down to try it. Snag your own tank for $25.

4. Closca Foldable Bike Helmets: As biking becomes a more and more viable commuting option, all sorts of innovations are popping up in the world of wheels. We’ve seen a few takes on the foldable helmet in the past, but this one looks considerably more usable, versatile, and it comes in a whole bunch of colors! A pledge of $70 will get you first on the list to get your own foldable helmet.

5. Animal Stackers: These playful building blocks encourage more interaction than your typical set. They fit together in dozens of different ways and, since each one has an animal attached to it, can easily turn into toy characters.

6. User Interface Design Tool: Called UINK it, this $35 stamp is a mobile designer’s dream. It’s similar to the UI stencils we’ve written about before, but has a decidedly more hipster edge to it with the handcrafted wood and what not.

7. Trophy Buffet: Everyone deserves a trophy, don’t you think? These random trophies are perfect for those things that just don’t come with a standard trophy or medal.

8. The Handleband: The Handleband turns your phone into what you already use it for: A map, flashlight, communication device, and camera. But this time, it runs seamlessly with your bike! You can track your ride in terms of location and distance, and it even acts as a bottle opener. It doesn’t cover your phone’s camera or light, meaning you snap photos easily and use the flashlight.

9. Codlo Sous-Vide Controller: This gadget for the shortcut chef makes sous-vide cooking easy. All you need to do is place your food ingredients into a bag, make it airtight, then plop it in a rice or slow cooker filled with water – Codlo does the rest and you only attend to it once it’s done.

10. The Question Block Lamp: How awesome is this? It’s a lamp based on video games! Relive your 8-bit glory days by punching this lamp to turn it on. You’ll see an adorable question mark light up as well as hearing those coin-winning sound effects you know and love.

Bonus points for weirdness! Cat Poncho: We love matching outfits for certain occasions, but a poncho for your cat that matches one you can wear too? Too weird.

What cool innovations have you seen on Kickstarter lately? Have you bought anything that you’ve loved? Anything you were disappointed by? Talk to us in the comments below.