You already know that tiny tattoos are super in style right now and you already know that Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are, too. The supermodel and her BFF are constantly seen joined at the hip, but recently, they’ve taken their friendship to a whole new level — for the second time — after getting inked together again.


Kendall + Hailey are officially BFFS4L and BFFS4EAE with the recent addition they made to their bods in the form of fresh, identical ink. Hailey announced this to the world via her Snapchat, a move that might skyrocket her to social media royalty like Kendall. The gorgeous gals got matching, tiny broken-heart tattoos, designs that reminds us a bit of those middle-school-esque BFF necklaces that were soo ~popular~. Needless to say, the ladies’ way of sportting the BFF broken-heart design is infinitely cooler.


The gals both opted for their ink on the inside of their middle fingers so they can always be reminded of their bestie while flipping off — okay, avoiding — the paparazzi (kidding). Kendall went for a less noticeable route and chose a cool white color that blends into her skin in an effort to hold on to her versatile look for the impressive modeling gigs she typically has under her belt. Hailey chose a pinky-red shade that stands out a bit more than Kendall’s. We’re loving these ladies’ friendship and their teensy tats — keep doing you, gals!

What do you think of tiny tattoos? Are you a fan of Kendall and Hailey’s recent additions? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

(h/t Refinery29; photos via @haileybisboring + @haileybaldwin; featured photo via @haileybaldwin)